“We are being governed by medical bureaucrats that are part of a mad, insane cult of vaccinists,” he told the rally.

We in Australia have our own version of Trumpists.

United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly an ex-Liberal party member who was for months pushing the scientifically unproven and dangerous animal vaccines to ward off the virus has convinced many thousands of the population to become anti-vax, anti-science and anti-government.

This is a dangerous man who was tolerated by our Prime Minister for many weeks until public opinion made him basically push him from the Liberal party into the extreme Clive Palmer created United Australia Party.

There are no laws to shut this man or people like him down. Unproven claims from conspiracists, fringe scientists, religious nuts, false media reports and lies through right wing TV and social media is a great amount of information sources to close down, therefore it would likely be a fruitless exercise.

What is disturbing is the amount of people who fall for lies from such biased controlled sources. What is even more disturbing these people are becoming just as hateful and abusive as the Trump worshippers in the US, and I fear far more violence for Australia in the future.

I believe many of these people have been media and socially manipulated to extremes and have now succumbed to an advanced stage of indoctrination. Similar to religious indoctrination the persons brain will reach a certain limit of repetitive information (we all have different limits and tolerances just as some people cannot be hypnotised) and the brain will actually physically change so much they are locked into the information that was willingly absorbed and has now become strong passionate and emotional beliefs that only they and their comrades will know the real truth, even at the expense of unequivocal evidence and long established facts that are automatically claimed as lies.

Many indoctrinated people will never break the chains, however sometimes some are triggered by something usually from the subconscious mind to investigate and then realise to their embarrassment and many regrets that they were so easily sucked in to become a slave to a brain manipulating ideological belief.

NOTE I am not affiliated to any political party (who would?) but I definitely am an atheist (who would not want to be?) and I am not a qualified doctor, neuroscientist or politician etc. However I have formed the opinions in this post and in the whole website from various peer reviewed publications and creditable scientific web sites including the non extreme main stream reasoned news web sites as much as possible.


  1. It’s like a virus that was unleashed here in the US, but has spread to many other countries now. Some brain eating disease that transforms the logic and reason areas of he brain into a jumbled mush. Or perhaps some sort of mind control that really affects the weak, religious, emotionally needy and the naturally cruel. I’m serious.
    It’s truly unprecedented, especially for not being in wartime.

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    1. I agree, brain eating is appropriate, the neuroscientists have undertaken studies on different religious theists. I found this interesting at the below website. Do not know how reliable this site is but it is from 2014 but Professor Patrick McNamara has many peer reviewed papers.

      “I found that the right arrangement of neural circuitry and chemistry could generate astonishingly creative and holy persons on the one hand, or profoundly delusional, even violent, fanatics on the other. To intensify the ‘god effect’ in people already attracted to religious ideas, my studies revealed, all we had to do was boost the activity of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, crucial for balanced emotion and thought, on the right side of the brain. But should dopamine spike too high, murderous impulses like terrorism and jihad could rear up instead.”

      The indoctrination process is really the becoming of a more fanatical believer and I expect this becomes an advanced form of fanaticism through chanting for blood such as the Trump attackers of the Capitol Building that we have come to know and it is not dissimilar to the Brown shirts that were an active political force in Germany before the war for Hitler.

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      1. Can you imagine what 16 hours of Fox News, right wing talk radio and TV evangelists due to these people that are susceptible. Very interesting article.
        Gang mentality too is at play where the need to fit in to a group overrides moral behavior.


  2. The Christian nationalists are busy in several authoritarian countries pushing for religious influence in legislation or decrees. The church always stays close to the seat of power, for its own longevity, prestige, political power, and opportunity to seize the government.

    Ever so many of our own multi-millionaire preachers have cast the covid_19 virus into hell, declared it dead by the power of their god. It is identified as god’s will for punishing all us sinners, even while they boast their power to destroy it.

    The virus does not recognize their god nor his/her/its servants. The followers of these preachers have not noticed their impotence nor that of their god. The virus lives on, courtesy of those anti-vax and anti-mask idiots. The preachers never explain why their prayers and curses have had no effect, their prophecies fail, and why some of them need more than one private jetplane.

    The virus has been termed a pandemic, yet it is not as dangerous as Christian nationalism in any country.

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    1. So right, the Christian nationalism is rearing it’s ugly head higher every year especially since we have had these cults and their inept leaders.

      I cannot understand why the vaccine was not sent down by God to fight the nasty devils virus, I must have missed something.

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