download.pngThese are some parts from a post on a site called Revival & Reformation run by a person called Paul who I believe is a fanatical Christian woman. She writes:

“Halloween…Will You Be Celebrating?”

“What has happened to society when your next door neighbor can hang fake bodies and goblins from their porch by a hangman’s noose and think it’s fun?”

“Since when do we find gore, violence and murder fun?”

 “This is the deception and  true danger of Halloween. It desensitizes a people to accept violence as a general way of thinking and acting. It keeps the cross-hairs off of anyone in particular, but allows Joe Average to commit acts of violence against no one in particular, and allows him to sink into a place of horror and ugliness that he would normally be averse to even think about.”

“This is the time where we, as Christians must make a statement and shut this holiday out from our lives. Turn off the lights, lock the doors and do everything we can not to participate in its evil. There’s nothing we can do, save standing on the corner and shouting out the Gospel and the world’s need for repentance, to make this day good. And I can guarantee, there will be few or none doing that on such an evil day as this.”

“Unless you regard this day as an opportunity to evangelize, then stay inside, do not open the doors to the knocks and hope and pray that you and your family are spared the evil.”

I have never thought much about kids having scary fun for one night of the year and my daughter was never into it, however when you come across such righteous kind of people who cannot think beyond the box they are shackled in you just have to say something.

This crap is ripe coming from Christian people who indoctrinate children with evil talking snakes, Satan, the devil, evil angels, heaven and hell not to mention the walking dead, the genocide, slavery and especially the hanging of humans from crosses with nails through their hands and feet.

What could be more gruesome and mind bending than biblical stories taught as facts to young children?

I answered her post in a very civil manner explaining a few facts such as:

It is in the context, it is interpreted and perceived by the individual in various ways, either as a abhorrent event or in a fun way if you want to go to the extremes, it is just like different people interpret the Bible to suit their own beliefs, this happens in all aspects of life.

You obviously live your life with supernatural beliefs, and it is all quite real for you, however children live in a world of make believe and many love scary stories and fairground rides into the haunted house, so it makes sense that many children will embrace what they see as a fun time, not as a gruesome reality and not as a message to hang people or commit murderous crimes.

You will never understand human dynamics as long as you reject ordinary people who do not believe in your version of God or support your political and social ideals; therefore you will never be at peace with much of your community or your one and only precious life.

You may think you can turn that comment around; however my life is not intellectually and emotionally imprisoned by bronze age ideologies and ancient gods that happen to only exist within a theists brain.

As usual for this site my comment never saw the light of day, I recon this poor woman must be so insecure in her faith she dare not be challenged.



Welcome to one of the “surprising and outrageous stats about gender inequality” that comes from the World Economic Forum website. This article comes from a page advocating “7 surprising and outrageous stats about gender inequality” and I find they have often not looked logically at the underlying facts and reasons some of them exist and could be called slanted reporting, I found this one particularly misleading.

“Globally, 12 million girls each year get married before the age of 18 – roughly 33,000 every day, or one every two seconds. There are some 650 million women alive today who were child brides.”

“The reasons behind it vary between communities, but it’s often because girls are not valued as highly as boys and marrying them off at a young age transfers the ‘economic burden’ to another family.” (World Economic Forum, author Kate Whiting)

I do not doubt the numbers, but he elephant in the room has never been mentioned. The world is awash with religious patriarchy and she simply says reasons “vary between communities” and “transfers the economic burden” What communities, why and who do you mean? If you are going to state a fact with statistics as though we as a society may be responsible for this without mentioning the most obvious root causes of the problem it becomes worthless feminist hogwash.

Most obviously, the Muslim and Hindu ideologies are primarily associated with young brides and the discrimination against women, however many of the Christian denominations maintain the ideology that woman was created as a helper to her husband, as the bearer of children, and as a keeper at home, and this ideal is even supported by some of the dedicated women of this faith. Therefore is it any wonder that women play second fiddle to men? And when the ideologies from the major religions have had women as subservient to men for thousands of years, obviously this attitude has spread throughout every society.

Feminist writers such as Kate Whiting who wrote this stuff are likely of a religious faith or do not want to offend those that are, as it is so much easier to just go across the board and blame men or communities and anything else for things that women have to suffer.

“Patriarchy is a social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. Some patriarchal societies are also patrilineal, meaning that property and title are inherited by the male lineage.” (Google)

“Most religions elevate the status of men over women, have stricter sanctions against women, and require them to be submissive. While there has been changes towards equality, religions overall still lag the rest of society in addressing gender issues. There are fundamentalists within every religion who actively resist change.”(Wikipedia)

This reason and many others where truth does not form part of women’s equality issues or where facts are not present will not help feminist groups and will only create stronger opposition to change. As humans are part of the animal kingdom known as the Hominidae family we show dominance hierarchy and it can be argued that hierarchies are a natural consequence of the evolutionary process. This however is another topic for another day.


The following in highlighted text is from a post by a Christian called James that is designed to target atheist’s, however he also targets his own Christian faith and either does not recognise this fact or he believes that his faith is somehow immune to the geography issue he has recognised.

“I’m not ruling out geography as something that influences religion, what I’m saying is, so what if it does.”

“So what if even the biggest predictor of a person’s religion is geography?”

Apart from the fact that geography obviously does predict most people’s religion, this indicates people are clearly indoctrinated into the traditional and prevalent regional religions often through many decades.

Would it mean that if geography is the biggest predictor of those who will hold a certain belief, then that belief is false?

Yes, because it definitely does not make the belief real and is a false belief in the ideological beliefs of particular god or gods being real because hundreds of different gods around the world are also claimed and only based on faith to be the genuine gods, If the god is exactly the same god for all the worlds religions it may have held some respect, however not for atheism because not one single god from the time when man first walked on the planet to the present day has any real evidence of existence outside of a theists brain.

If that were the case, we could simply lump atheism in with all other “religions” and say that geography is the single biggest predictor of whether a person will claim atheism.

“All the other religions,” but not with his own you will note.

Polls indicate that those born in China or the former Soviet Union, and certain other areas of Europe, are much more likely to be atheists than other areas of the globe (Major Religions of the World…, 2007).

This is true since communism was a dominating factor in these countries. In China July 1, 1921 the communist party was formed due to Inspiration from the Russian Revolution when in November 7, 1917 Lenin seized power.  Of course part of the communist doctrine was to promote atheism through the restrictions of organisations such as churches, academic learning institutions and of course banned many other groups, clubs and meetings where they believed political unrest could develop.

So what does that mean about atheism? Aren’t we forced by rationality to agree that it means nothing, other than the fact that most people, including atheists, adopt the beliefs of the people nearest to them? It says nothing whatever about the truth of the beliefs.”

Considering that atheism is the default position and is not an indoctrinated ideology and is simply a disbelief in any god or gods, and because in most English speaking countries with democratic governments where there are the most Christians and where atheist numbers are growing quite rapidly, I would say this statement is not accurate. Specifically this is because the only influence for theists to become atheists is their Bible, their church and maybe the odd dose of scientific truth.

Christianity is of course different as is suggested by this a blogger called Mel.

Mel “Another interesting point about this is that Christianity seems to be the most adaptable faith to diverse cultures around the world. Consider that it started in the Middles East in places like Turkey and Syria, even in parts of India. Then it spread to Europe, Africa, and, of course, the entire Western Hemisphere. The biggest single group of Christians are probably in China now. But when you look at the other primary world religions, the majority of followers are still in the parts of the world where they started.”

Of course all other religions are spreading quickly around the world. My answer to him as to why Christianity is more diverse and larger than the others was regulated by James, as it had to much historic truth, however you can read my comment below.

SKLYJD “One reason why Christianity is so diverse is that the British Empire over many hundreds of years was spread out throughout the populated world bought Christianity to many countries who had never heard of it. As they had so many countries to go to and many thousands of fanatical preachers who wanted to make their mark in the world is it not a wonder why it is the largest religion.”

The history lesson (a real one) for these American theists is that the British Empire covered 23% of the world population at the time, and by 1920, it covered 35,500,000 km2 (13,700,000 sq mi), 24% of the Earths total land area.  At it’s peak it was the biggest empire to ever exist. (Google)


This is a comment regularly pushed by Christian people

“If you identify as a Christian then you have an obligation to share your faith as often as you can.”

You also have an obligation to not push your religious beliefs onto everyone and everyone like this indoctrinated jerk who lost his 4 million contract with Australian Rugby just because he wanted to condemn non-Christian people who he believes are below his perfectly God inspired moral standards.

He is filthy rich from his rugby career, however has a fund raising page to pay for lawyers in his fight with Australian Rugby because they sacked him for the second breach of his contract.

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has opened a donation page for Israel Folau after his GoFundMe page was removed for violating the company’s terms of service and discriminating against the LGBTIQ+ community. AU$700,000 was donated in around 12 hours in a quest for $3 million.

These donating religious nuts are so bereft of moral relevance and understanding of this kind of bigotry that impacts on suicidal teenagers while their most defining issue is funding a legal battle for a Christian to be able to spout homophobic content online without any employment, social and personal consequences is complete stupidity. I just hope their God can generate some tolerance rather than loathing between those ears.



A small sample of meme’s or quotes from Christianity I have picked up over the years and they wonder why they are losing customers, look at what it drives these people to do. The children are mentally abused, LGBT people are verbally hated and on top of that you cannot masturbate, FUCK THAT no wonder nobody wants God, everyone wants to be a wanker.







And a couple of my favorites, please try and not laugh, I could not stop.







Baptists Hold ‘Make America Straight Again’ Conference, Call For Execution Of Gays

More of that Christian love: This weekend ultra-conservative Baptists will be hosting a “Make America Straight Again” conference calling for the public execution of LGBT people.The conference is being held to coincide with the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting that left dozens dead and many more injured.

These hateful and despicable people should be charged with whatever is possible through the law, locked up in a real prison for enough time so that they can be bought back into painful reality by the prisioners and sent to psychiatrists. The police need to keep a careful eye on these people, we all know how radical religious nuts can act in the name of their delusional gods.