“Steve. You preach death. How’s that sound to ya? But, again, you would not get a point if it poked you in the belly. You scream incessantly about Christians “inflicting,” their beliefs on people, and did you ever notice that nobody is at YOUR place preaching? You preach death, Steve. May God have mercy on you. Oh wait…He already did. “While we were YET sinners.” That’s good stuff my friend. Whosoever….that’s good stuff. It all includes you, yet you flail away at it as if you actually think you can make believers go away. I suggest that if you want us to go away, that you go away. Take your atheist message of death and go cackle over it with the rest of the heathens. Atheism is stoopid. Empty, Void. Incoherent.”

If I could find something coherent and reasonable in amongst this Christians disturbed ravings I would reply to it. He has been a bit abusive and off the rails in the past, but this is beyond what I thought he was capable of.

If atheist views upset him this much I would bet he is praying like crazy to God to do a Gomorrah type of justice on us or on me at least….. “Howdy Satan”



Absorb this gem from a Christian who claims to be a comedian who put this into blog world. Thing is nothing is funny, not even a LOL…seriously.

No Handicapped Parking Without Religion

You’ve seen handicapped parking spaces, right?

They’re excellent!

So close to the door.

So convenient!

You’ve seen handicapped ramps too.

Those make it easy to for wheelchairs to navigate to the front door.

The front door opens automatically when you push the big blue button.

Access to public buildings is one thing civilization does to assist handicapped people.

This wouldn’t happen without religion.

Natural selection wouldn’t install ramps at the grocery store.

Survival of the fittest requires the weak to die off.

Access ramps mess-up evolutionary progress by allowing the weaker herd members to survive.

It is religion that says, “Take care of your neighbor.”

Religion says, “Do for the least of these.”

Religion says, “Let he who is without legs park the closest.”

Handicapped parking doesn’t happen when people do science.

It only happens when people do religion.


I had an experience of the third kind. An old woman aged about 60 ish knocked on my door late one afternoon on the 27 of August. She was pleasant and said she was conducting a survey and held onto a large pad and pen.

She said she was conducting a survey on the local community feeling’s and she mentioned she was conducting it for the church down the road with the aim of improving things. She proceeded to ask questions such as, what do I think would be the best way we could improve our overall lives, did I have a job, was I or any member of the family drug addicts or alcoholics, did I have money problems, personal problems etc. That appeared to not have much relevance to the community.

As she was reading from a standard type of lined writing pad rather than a survey type of question sheet I became a bit suspicious, however it soon became quite evident that she was using this questionnaire system as a cover to evangelise and recruit people for her church.

She fitted comments into the conversation such as the church was important, and that society needed the Christian God. Of course, my interest automatically peaked up, and she obviously did not realise who in hell she was talking too. As I realised her real intention, I took in a long deep breath and prepared myself for a Christopher Hitchens moment of retribution.

I was in no hurry, so during the first few minutes I invited her to preach by explaining I was not a religious person but it interested me and I asked the time worn and most relevant question an atheist can ask these poor indoctrinated dears, by suggesting I would be happy to convert if only she or someone could show me any real evidence of the existence of God.

We somehow got onto miracles of God, and I suggested miracles had never been proven and that they did not occur. She quickly whipped out her mobile phone and claimed she had witnessed a limb growing in length due to a healing session in her church and did I want to see it with my own eyes.

Of course, who would not want to see God suddenly growing a limb? The movie had a church priest kneeling in front of a person sitting in a chair who was supposed to have one leg shorter than the other, the priest had cradled both feet wearing a pair of shoes in his hands and one foot was shown to be about a half inch longer at the heal than the other. Sure enough, the priest said some subservient words to invoke the mighty one into action and of course he produced a miracle and the shoe soles equalled up as the leg grew within a few seconds in front of my eyes…. I was just flabbergasted.

I said to her that it is a trick, not a miracle, but she would not hear any of it by claiming she knew the short legged guy well and she had no doubt that he was honest because he was a Christian. Doh… of course why did I not think of that?

She changed the conversation by asking if any of my family members were religious. I told her my parents were English and originally classed themselves as Church of England. Well, she let loose with some righteous venom, claiming that they were not a real church with real love of God and merely another form of Catholicism. I then suggested that the Catholic Church should be permanently closed down due to their molesting priests problems and she enthusiastically agreed saying none would be saved and they would all go to hell. I also casually suggested that she should try to convert a couple of my Muslim neighbours when she gets the time.

I wanted to get back to the miracle part of things and I said to her, “why did God see fit to grow a mans leg a half inch in the rich country of Australia, while he sits back and allows 20,000 children to die every day in poor countries from starvation and disease as we speak?” This question I could see troubled her whirring mind and she blurted out something about none of them being Christian.

This was becoming more interesting by the second, so rubbing my hands together I said, “so your God is a selective God then, is he?” She then became more troubled and claimed it was the governments problems and that Christians should have but will get there and convert all these people. I could already smell the blood, so I just had to say, so therefore you Christians are at fault and your God is at fault for allowing other religions, therefore he made a huge cock up didn’t he and people are dying without his help, why did God make all these mistakes?”

My blanket bombing mission was a bit overwhelming for the old lady because her face wrinkled up and with her hands in front of her face (not sure if she was trying to ward me off with the crucifix fingers or the middle finger) but she started walking backwards between the van and car through the carport practically sobbing (I kid you not) that she did not want to hear me say things against her beloved God because she had a special relationship with God who she loved more than anything, and then she was gone.

This may sound a bit cruel of me to do this to an old lady who is probably younger than I am, however she did push her luck with the deception of a survey, I was not rude and did not abuse her, I only asked questions about her God. To react as she did suggests to me an advanced indoctrinated mental disorder gone beyond simple religious faith.


I came across a comment on the “Live Science” website that had a story about UFO’s. One of the bloggers comments claimed personal experience and many encounters with ET’s because he had invited them to make contact

He says they do have bodies not made of flesh but typically energy or light and invisible is their natural state because they are interdimensional as are their ships. He also says, “ETs are already interacting with human beings on a personal level.”

He also states that just make the call yourself, “mentally prepare yourself and wish for it” and claims that “Many ETs are yearning for the invitation.”

He continued with a later comment that he had met some that were partially see through in a field, and that he had been aboard one of their space ships and cannot imagine they would harm anyone.

This does sound very familiar.

I believe that this guy’s belief is no more crazy or any different than any of the religious beliefs in an invisible sky resident and a life form called a God. In fact, this ET explanation sounds more viable to me than the God, but it is more likely these ET’s are exactly where this God resides, totally confined to the inside of a person’s head.


There are flat earth young earth creationists, “believe it or not.” One of them wrote the following passage and based the belief of evolutionary religion on an atheist philosopher of science called Michael Ruse who had used the term and had obviously not read the Oxford or Cambridge dictionaries on the meaning of religion.

And yes, I know it is unbelievable, but these misguided people still do exist in our modern society corrupting our children’s minds and polluting the internet with anti- scientific rubbish, so they need to be exposed at all times. In fact, there is a bunch of them out there, some are openly flat earth believers but there are some that have actually accepted the fact the Earth is a sphere, however they all are young Earth Christians (YEC) who believe that Darwin is the anti-Christ or at the least was an anti-theist trying to destroy Christianity with lies and now they conspire that atheists are indoctrinating people with this evolutionary religion. Please stop laughing.

Of course, most rational, logical and truth seeking people and all the creditable scientists and even many of the more stable religious people understand that biological evolution has been the mainstay of biological science, medical knowledge and medicines for about a 150 years and in actual fact there is at least the same amount if not more evidence concerning biological evolution as there is evidence concerning the shape of the planet.

If you want to read the whole thing here, or you want to comment at the site. I must warn you however this administrator will delete your comments if his nose gets put out of joint with too many facts.

“A similar situation exists today. Concerted efforts to indoctrinate people into believing evolution have been ongoing for decades. However, polls continually show that the majority of Americans believe in God, and believe that He created the Universe and life.

While that is good news, the promotion of evolution by many “important” people in our society likely has caused many of those polled either to doubt God, or be intimidated to the point that they are unwilling to stand firm for God.

This is the main reason it is important to realize that evolution is simply another false religion, and that the temptation people face when confronted with that religion is nothing new.”

God loves us all….EQUALLY ?

From an interesting article I read from a former 30 years long preacher he highlights the Fundamentalist Baptist women who will always be considered as second-class citizens. The article goes on to say women are seen as weaker and prone to being silly by the church and therefore will not be offered jobs such as teachers of adults or political leaders and cannot become preachers because just aren’t suited for such jobs and because God commands that women are subservient and loyal to their husbands and pastors.

Women should stick to womanly work such as cleaning, child rearing, nursery work and cooking. The Lord says women are to submit to their husbands as they would to God.

These demands are exactly the same conditions that God wants everyone to submit to him, with love, unwavering commitment and obedience. There is a firm hierarchy of subservience: starting with Jesus, the pastor and church leaders, the husband, wife, children, and finally the dog.

Adherence to your role is essential to not suffer God’s judgement and a marriage must line up with God’s wishes both in the Church and the home. For many women religious sufferance must be their personal hell and heaven would be getting out into the real world and away from these Christian values as far as possible. Religious customs are indoctrinated for so long, that men fail to recognise it as inequality.

In Colossians and Peter, the call for women to submit to their husbands and to stay silent in their shadow and a passage in Titus calls for a woman to not teach or preach in public assembly for that would constitute authority of a man. Do not forget also that some would believe Eve was the most guilty in the mythical Adam and Eve tale adding more weight to the suppression of women.

It is obvious that gods of these oppressive religions did not have any idea as to how social attitudes would evolve in much of the developed world or have any clue as to what discrimination and equality was. This fact alone suggests that none of these gods existed as wise, all-powerful and knowing gods, therefore logic says they were invented by man and the attributes awarded to the gods reflected the current ancient, superstitious and violent worlds.

I cannot understand why any woman would be part of these old-fashioned bigoted ideas, the violence against women and children, slavery etc. God was involved with and not see through this so-called righteous saviour of mankind, It just highlights the stupidity of the human race to support such a despicable invisible entity, not just the women but the men for believing and enforcing such hideous crap onto the women in this modern age.


If we just take a quick look and briefly analyse the credibility of each of these common Christian claims.

  1. Many Christians are self-righteous, intellectually superior and full of pompous hot air when they crap on about how all the other religions are wrong and evil because they all worship false gods.

This first claim as we all know is all about elitism, a power trip for some and above all just completely ignorant, the same sort of ignorance is taken by many of them against homosexuals, women and scientific evidence.

  1. Many Christians boldly claim atheism is a religion and spout lots of rubbish about how atheists think and act.

This second claim is because they do not believe what is written in the English dictionary, so they screw the meaning around to suit themselves just like they do with the Biblical text they do not like. Some cannot read it properly, but basically, just another ignorant stance taken solely to annoy atheists.

  1. They claim all atheists are going to burn for eternity in hell.

This third claim is of course used to frighten children during the indoctrination process because as every living and dead person on Earth can testify there is no evidence of hell and of course the Christian truth is that there is no “hell” in the Bible! And simply a childish Harry Potter type story that is so far fetched it would be funny if these stupid people were not feeding it to vulnerable children.

  1. The crazy claim Jesus died on the cross to save mankind because we are all born as sinners.

The fourth claim about the crucifixion of an individual called Jesus has been debated since Christianity began and of course many interpretations and screwed ideas about whether this Biblical Jesus existed or not is still a contentious issue. Of course, born as a sinner is a total load of crock and another mind-altering myth to ensure children have a guilt complex. The Bible is claimed as the primary evidence and used as credibility for Christian faith, therefore they are forced to ditch the logic and believe all the other weird stories that have been proven to be total bullshit. Of course, some do not believe all the stories, they are very good at picking and choosing what to believe and have excuses for God’s acts of immorality using words like context, perspective, representation and metaphor.

  1. They are convinced and claim the Bible is the inspired word of Christ.

The fifth is also a highly unbelievable claim. Considering the lack of credibility regarding the writers with the scriptures written many decades after the events happened, why would anyone in their right mind believe these centuries old stories as eyewitness accounts of this crap? Hang on, many of them, especially gullible Americans believe these thieving evangelist bastards on TV are the representatives of God, therefore I guess it is not so unbelievable after all.

  1. Many Christians are claiming science is false and believe the creationist verbal diarrhoea.

The sixth claim is about people who are either brain washed so much they cannot think straight anymore or they are brain dead. These people are more primitive than the flat Earth believers, they rubbish the smartest scientists on Earth using scientifically generated computer technology claiming they have the expertise and knowledge well beyond any scientist or alternatively claim all the scientists are lying conspiracists or God planted fossils in the ground to fool Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and all the scientists.

I can only think of one non-swear word to describe these people, “IDIOTS”