download.pngThese are some parts from a post on a site called Revival & Reformation run by a person called Paul who I believe is a fanatical Christian woman. She writes:

“Halloween…Will You Be Celebrating?”

“What has happened to society when your next door neighbor can hang fake bodies and goblins from their porch by a hangman’s noose and think it’s fun?”

“Since when do we find gore, violence and murder fun?”

 “This is the deception and  true danger of Halloween. It desensitizes a people to accept violence as a general way of thinking and acting. It keeps the cross-hairs off of anyone in particular, but allows Joe Average to commit acts of violence against no one in particular, and allows him to sink into a place of horror and ugliness that he would normally be averse to even think about.”

“This is the time where we, as Christians must make a statement and shut this holiday out from our lives. Turn off the lights, lock the doors and do everything we can not to participate in its evil. There’s nothing we can do, save standing on the corner and shouting out the Gospel and the world’s need for repentance, to make this day good. And I can guarantee, there will be few or none doing that on such an evil day as this.”

“Unless you regard this day as an opportunity to evangelize, then stay inside, do not open the doors to the knocks and hope and pray that you and your family are spared the evil.”

I have never thought much about kids having scary fun for one night of the year and my daughter was never into it, however when you come across such righteous kind of people who cannot think beyond the box they are shackled in you just have to say something.

This crap is ripe coming from Christian people who indoctrinate children with evil talking snakes, Satan, the devil, evil angels, heaven and hell not to mention the walking dead, the genocide, slavery and especially the hanging of humans from crosses with nails through their hands and feet.

What could be more gruesome and mind bending than biblical stories taught as facts to young children?

I answered her post in a very civil manner explaining a few facts such as:

It is in the context, it is interpreted and perceived by the individual in various ways, either as a abhorrent event or in a fun way if you want to go to the extremes, it is just like different people interpret the Bible to suit their own beliefs, this happens in all aspects of life.

You obviously live your life with supernatural beliefs, and it is all quite real for you, however children live in a world of make believe and many love scary stories and fairground rides into the haunted house, so it makes sense that many children will embrace what they see as a fun time, not as a gruesome reality and not as a message to hang people or commit murderous crimes.

You will never understand human dynamics as long as you reject ordinary people who do not believe in your version of God or support your political and social ideals; therefore you will never be at peace with much of your community or your one and only precious life.

You may think you can turn that comment around; however my life is not intellectually and emotionally imprisoned by bronze age ideologies and ancient gods that happen to only exist within a theists brain.

As usual for this site my comment never saw the light of day, I recon this poor woman must be so insecure in her faith she dare not be challenged.



I find that I just have to again be a critic of George Pell the man who’s whole life was a disgusting lie. I dug around a bit and found he was much more like Donald Trump than the saintliness person of God he and a few others decided he was.

I found it appalling that Melbourne Boys School had paid tribute to him, stating praise for his “strengths in administration.” This flies in the face of his corrupt administrative responsibilities of reporting criminal activity and moving paedophile priests to another part of the country after they had been exposed therefore making Pell also responsible for those new sexual assaults.

Tony Abbott an ex-prime minister called him “a saint of our times an inspiration for the ages” You can guess that he was one of the most useless and despised ex-PM’s we have ever had.  Another ex-prime minister John Howard said Pell “should never have been charged let alone convicted.” A far better ex-PM, however his judgement against the victims here is degrading his name. Of course these right wing PM’s are committed if not extremist in their Christian views, but we all understand how a little bit of science, paedophilia and suicidal victims do not get in the way of their indoctrinated world views.

Pell’s sexual abuse principles and lies were exposed During the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse in Rome when asked “if he knew Gerald Ridsdale’s offending against children was commonly known in the parish.” Pell first responded that he did not know but then added “it is a sad story and it wasn’t of much interest to me.” Pell’s response regarding a complaint from a college student about offending against younger boys at a school, Pell said he could have done more and was asked by the commission. “Wasn’t it a serious matter then.” Pell said “yes but people had a different attitude then, there was no specifics about the activity, how serious it was and the boy wasn’t asking me to do anything, but lamenting and mentioning it.”

Pell had also tried to bribe an abuse victim to protect his own interests and his church’s finances. He callously let children suffer, he destroyed lives, the abused are mentally scared for life and have become alcohol and drug addicted or have committed suicide. Pell’s famous quotes are: “Same sex relationships are a greater health hazard than cigarettes.” and “Abortion was a worse moral failing than child abuse.”

If people are still not convinced of Pell’s crimes they can Google and read final reports on child abuse from the royal commission case study nos. 28 (Ballarat Diocese) and 35 (Melbourne Archdiocese) or go to my main reference https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/may/20/ballarat-child-sex-abuse-victim-says-he-told-george-pell-about-abuse

Pell was anti- science and anti-climate change, anti- LBGTQ and believed in the old days but if the Catholic Church lives up to it’s shit house name it will find a way to make Pell a saint. He has however criticised Pope Francis in his writing found after his death so he may be out of luck. If anyone can find anything good that the Catholic religion has actually done that can make up for the thousands of child molesting priests that have driven thousands of children to despair and suicide please let me know?


George Pell died with criminal accusations hanging over his head that he was part of and were undeniably factual but what is more he criticised his boss the Pope. Therefore it was decided by many Catholics and others that it was likely to be good riddance of this man.

I do not deny that he was a fully committed man to his flavour of Christianity, however from day one he was always riding a losing horse.

Gladly Australia has decided against a state burial and even if Pell had been innocent of all crimes I cannot understand why he should even be considered for a state funeral when only 20% of Australians are Catholic and Catholicism is an ideology based on bronze age superstitions and embroiled in sexual and financial crimes. A state funeral would have been an abuse to most Australians as over 40% are non believers and the rest believe in other entities, not to mention the terrible long history of this church.   

The Vatican has been and still is embroiled in the same scams and lies that many politicians bask in. The estimations of Vatican assets of billions is various but basically unknown, however since the paedophile exposure and the financial scams have come to light their income has been significantly reduced just as the Catholic faithful numbers and other religions in Europe and in the major Pacific nations.

I would just like to note the opulence of the Vatican and the Catholic churches in general. The flouting of expensive gowns, religious goblets, traditional silverware, intricate paintings and carvings, the silly big hats and expensive luxury furniture in rooms that excrete sumptuousness furnishings and collectively this show of authority aptly demonstrates their massive power over the people. The worshippers who exist mostly in economically challenged countries with huge populations of poor, uneducated and starving people believe the Pope is God’s representative, and this in countries where a huge proportion of the almost 15,000 under 5 years of age children who die every day from starvation and lack of medicines.

How can such a wealthy organisation along with the other prominent Judeo\Christian religions who are of tax free status justify themselves to their God. I know of atheists who put these so called benevolent Christian businesses to shame. It is about time Christians took a step back to take a dose of reality involving historic and scientific facts and shake off the indoctrinated controlled mindsets.      


I am of course talking about gun ownership, preventable deaths and injuries. I do not need to say that much as a few pictures can explain in detail far more than words can.   

I cannot exactly remember where or when I saved these and many other pictures of this nature, however there is not a shortage of grown people with this confused mindset. These people have never been shot at and have never seen what a live round can do to a human body apart from movies and if they had they may rethink these happy family snaps.

Like the educational stop smoking advertising of the past that showed cancer patients with grotesque diseases and black lungs from smoking, more real gruesome gunshot wounds and deaths need to be broadcast in full colour countrywide even into schools along with the funerals of shooting victims and the recommended safe gun handling and storing demonstrations. Only in the US of course.


I cannot remember where I got this piece of wisdom but it just highlights how far away from their morals and ethics many Christians are.

A student asked the Rabbi, “Why did God create atheists?”

The great Rabbi replied. “God created atheists to teach us the most important lesson of them all; the lesson of true compassion. You see, when an atheist performs an act of charity, visits someone who is sick, helps someone in need, and cares for the world, he is not doing so because of some religious teaching.

He does not believe that God commanded him to perform this act. In fact, he does not believe in God at all, so his actions are based on his sense of morality. Look at the kindness he bestows on others simply because he feels it to be right. When someone reaches out to you for help, you should never say “I’ll pray that God will help you.” Instead, for that moment, you should become an atheist – imagine there is no God who could help, and say “I will help you.”

Christians note: many people are asking for help in the US, especially those families who are mourning the deaths of loved ones who were slaughtered by mass shootings that are happening almost daily. What is your answer to those people Christian gunners? Your “hopes and prayers” rhetoric just don’t cut it anymore. I understand it is your goddamned right to own guns and nobody is going to take it away, regardless of how many mass shootings and regardless of how many victims, even if they are children.

Action against selling guns to every nutjob, gang member and extremist fighting against democracy, the police, government, immigrants, people who they simply hate, and the LBGTQ people. By installing some sensible restrictions to gun control would truly be an act of morality.

As your God did not dictate the Bill of Rights or Second Amendment what is the problem with helping to make the country safer? It appears with so much undying support and love of owning guns regardless of the evil people using guns for killing innocent people, the gun has become a false god for many US Christians.

“Dear Neighbour,”

“Did you know that “foretelling the future accurately” is one of the outstanding feature of the BIBLE? This is true because it’s author Jehovah is a God of prophecy, and he cares about us all individuals, and to cope with present problems we are going through now.”

This is a part of a letter sent to me by post in a stamped envelope that cost $1.10 from the Jehovah’s Witness cultists.

They also quoted a Bible passage and invited me to join in with them to find out life’s big question.

This raises many questions. The first claim “foretelling the future accurately” is stunningly inaccurate, I do not have to go very far to ask what level of accuracy on what specific event are they talking about. There is a lot of gloom, pending doom and “end of days” written about in the Bible and interpreted as coming true in every war and conflict that has taken place throughout history and always will be considered as real by the indoctrinated.

The letter costing $1.10 to preach their ideology to the public through personal letters. This money if used by these tax free status conglomerates should be spent on the poor and the hungry. I am not their neighbour but it was addressed to me as such, therefore how many hundreds or thousands suddenly became neighbours of Jehovah’s Witness and received a personal $1.10 posted letter?

Life’s big question? I know, divine creation, but this is just another blister on their backside. These JW people are not much different from all the other flavours of Christianity who keep pushing the same old rubbish.

I also found out through JW Google that humans are incapable to save our planet from climate change and human destruction therefore only God will save us. You can guess the rest, but the point is JW’s will not lift a finger to help save the planet and will just laze around and wait for God to come to the rescue, again much like the rest of the religious cults.


Humans generally consider themselves different if not superior to all other animals. Primate Mammals include humans and are usually considered by humans as being the most advanced animal on planet Earth, however it is also ultimately recognised by rational people that we are not only the most intelligent but the most failed species when it comes to running the planet and living a peaceful existence. We of course are also the most destructive of all animals on this planet Earth, and I say to those sceptical Christian anti- science people, we humans are biological animals and you had better believe it because you act like one.

Men and women are not the same, I know that women think quite different to men and that is no thanks to any of the many gods the religious people believe created us, or lets be completely ridiculous about this and blame biological evolutionary processes shall we? Physically and mentally we are mostly similar but our core animal instincts are generally quite different. The primitive concept of cave man romance of club victim, then drag her into the cave and you know what… actually lives on in the men’s chromosomes to a certain extent and the nurturing and raising of the young is often a stronger trait ingrained within female chromosomes, just as it is with many animal species.

Men and women are inherently aggressive in regards to the protection of their families, so why do the small minority of men beat their wives, or parents rape and abuse their children like they were still living in the cave and why would anyone kill a newborn baby? A good question, however this anti family behaviour is found naturally throughout the animal kingdom, mostly in mammals and I might add in certain religious scriptures.

Even though we the human species with the so-called most advanced brain have not been able to progress any more than the so-called less advanced animals, or is it that we have not had enough time for these primitive traits to change us through the evolutionary processes? Or was it a non responsible god that gave humans such an advanced brain simply so they could kill and destroy everything, including themselves?

We unfortunately have children born with two heads, missing limbs and disfigurements just as it occurs in other animal species even though it is rarer in western countries due to advancements in medical science. These birth defects are a natural biological occurrence for all mammals, and that includes Christians.

Humans also have same sex relationships but of course again these are more facts borne out through much of the animal kingdom, especially in mammals. What did the particular perfect god think when they created mammals, or did the god just say fuck it, leave it to evolution?

Mammals I discovered are also consistent murderers, the Meerkats evidently lead the way. Animals also react in different ways to situations from their experiences because it is found in many studies that can be found on Google that mammals have the same range of emotions we humans have. Therefore the question remains. As humans are mammals why are the LGBTQ people not considered by certain groups of religious  fanatics as being part of these normal mammal processes as everything else is? My guess is that some particular ancient godly entity has made demands on dedicated followers to address his fuck up during creation by using discrimination and hateful comments against LGBTQ people.

The oddity of everything natural that is part of the non-human mammals is clearly replicated in human mammal land on planet Earth. This literally has been studied and basically understood for over a hundred years and what is indisputable scientific facts and I do not even need to mention the apes that are atheists and theists most obvious relatives.

The distinctive features of mammals such as a vertebrate, fur or hair, female mammary glands, the middle ear, the jaw structure, warm blooded and air breathing, similar heart and lung structures and not excluding of course the same behaviours, the birth defects, the violence, the emotions, same sex orientations, the use of tools and decision making are found in all mammals. I must admit I have lost the hair and erections are rare but I am still a mammal.

We humans with the biggest brain just take these mammal attributes to a different level, for example planet pollution, world wars and mass murders, however many humans also misuse the brain to believe and have faith or confidence in something that has absolutely no evidence, credibility or reality and will also believe some crazy off the wall conspiracy claimed by a political dick head on social media.

The blatant ignorance used by some to refute the reality of life with the rejection of facts and truth is I believe has become a major problem within society. This is a massive human failure indicating these people are absolutely brain dead and unfortunately the slop will be passed on to the next generations.

In this century there is no excuse for such ignorance as we have advanced science and technology and higher educational facilities that most humans can access, unless of course the educational establishment is inspired by fantasy.



I read just lately from a UK publication that President Putin identifies as a member of the Christian Orthodox Church. He was raised by a devout Christian mother and has worn a crucifix for most of his life. He has been coy in expressing his beliefs publicly but considering the state is officially secular it is understandable.

There appears to be some talk that Putin’s strong religious ideals are influencing his decision making.

What does that mean for the rest of the world? Will he have second thoughts about destroying the world as an orthodox Christian? I doubt it, he only has to equate the Biblical account of the flood generated by God to kill all the sinners in the world as the green light to launch his nuclear weapons.

The fact that he is already mentally unstable and now that he is conferencing with his perceived God just makes it that much more of a danger for the rest of the world.  

When at an interview some time ago Putin said: “First and foremost, we should be governed by common sense, but common sense should be based on moral principles first” That is obviously a fail, maybe he forgot what morality is supposed to be, but what is more concerning is his claim that “it is not possible today to have morality separated from religious values” What does he determine as religious values and don’t we already know about his warped morality?


Ok not quite parallel to the US version but our previous right wing Prime Minister Scott Morrison was very much a Trump lover while he used and abused the Australian political system by undermining democracy for his own ends.

The newly elected Labor government has exposed Morrison’s self appointments to five portfolios in 2020 and 2021 executed in secret so he could over ride any of his ministers decisions and he did not even inform them or any of his government ministers never mind the public who voted him into the Prime Minister position. This is against the principles of the Australian democracy, therefore there is to be a formal inquiry to make sure this does not happen again.

The idea of this post is not to get into the nitty gritty of the Australian politics but to highlight the spill over regarding extreme right wing mentalities. Like Trump, Morrison was often caught out bending the facts beyond exaggeration and his contempt for women’s issues were regularly on display through lack of his leadership. His friendship with the Hillsong Church leader Brian Houston who behaved inappropriately towards two women and images of him waving his arms around at a church meeting soured his credibility with a country estimated at about 40% of “no religion” unlike the US.

This former Prime Minister has soiled the highest office in the land with his Trump inspired leadership and he reinforced his contempt for government during a speech he gave at a church in Western Australia saying he and his fellow worshippers “do not trust in governments” and “don’t trust in the United Nations” but believes God has a plan for him after his election defeat. This drives home his attitude and ignorance regarding the people of Australia who he was supposed to represent.

Let us pray to our spaghetti lord that this never happens again 🙂


I came across this neatly bundled collection of Biblical facts and thought to challenge every Christian worth his weight in faithfulness to put them all in context for us atheists. I expect there will be an excuse for each killing, however when the Christian finds it too hard it is claimed it is God’s right because he is the boss, the creator who is allowed to destroy whatever he likes.

That excuse is very simple is it not, so they can then go on inventing how good their God is, after all Jesus is not like that, Jesus is the good part of God, a third to be exact and the only son who had been created by God to pacify the remaining people that his old man had not murdered in the Old Testament.

What if the two thirds of God or even just God’s one third override good Jesus and again God comes to Earth in place of his passive son and decides to re-enact the Old Testament rules and kills everyone on this list. Everyone will be doomed and that would include most if not all Christians. Relying on just a third part of such an all powerful beast such as Jesus the Democratic socialist who is likely not in control of his Republican theocratic Dad is a bloody risk for all Christians.


Due too what? You guessed it Christian bigotry.

A Rugby League team in the NRL competition called Manley Sea Eagles had 7 of their first grade players refuse to wear a pride jersey that differed slightly from the normal jersey with the colours of the rainbow on some parts primarily because of religious sensitivities. These players of course will be endowed with tattoos, play sport on holly days such as Sundays and promote their beliefs to a grandstand of people by group praying in the middle of the field after the game and all the while they are wearing a jersey that is sponsoring a gambling company and their home ground is named after a popular craft beer.

If Christians were not so selective on what Biblical issues they choose to enforce the whole lot of them should not be playing a single game. In fact if they are as pro-life as they always claim to be that surely means supporting those people who are outside the womb who may simply has a different sexual orientation to ourselves, especially considering that increased mental health challenges and suicides are prevalent in teenagers and young adults.

How can a bunch of Christian people be against efforts to promote kindness to a group of people, by rejecting this kind of support they have done the opposite, they are basically judging these people as evil and hell bound just as that ugly homophobic ex rugby player Israel Folau who broadcast his hate of these and all non- Christian people on social media.

Many churches have slowly come around to accept the LGBTIQA people because you can only preach love to all people, it is not discriminatory for selective Christians, if it is it becomes hateful and ugly.

And the Christian hierarchy is wondering why the numbers are steadily declining each year, it is clear the younger generations are not fooled by myths.

The ideal Christian utopia