God loves us all….EQUALLY ?

From an interesting article I read from a former 30 years long preacher he highlights the Fundamentalist Baptist women who will always be considered as second-class citizens. The article goes on to say women are seen as weaker and prone to being silly by the church and therefore will not be offered jobs such as teachers of adults or political leaders and cannot become preachers because just aren’t suited for such jobs and because God commands that women are subservient and loyal to their husbands and pastors.

Women should stick to womanly work such as cleaning, child rearing, nursery work and cooking. The Lord says women are to submit to their husbands as they would to God.

These demands are exactly the same conditions that God wants everyone to submit to him, with love, unwavering commitment and obedience. There is a firm hierarchy of subservience: starting with Jesus, the pastor and church leaders, the husband, wife, children, and finally the dog.

Adherence to your role is essential to not suffer God’s judgement and a marriage must line up with God’s wishes both in the Church and the home. For many women religious sufferance must be their personal hell and heaven would be getting out into the real world and away from these Christian values as far as possible. Religious customs are indoctrinated for so long, that men fail to recognise it as inequality.

In Colossians and Peter, the call for women to submit to their husbands and to stay silent in their shadow and a passage in Titus calls for a woman to not teach or preach in public assembly for that would constitute authority of a man. Do not forget also that some would believe Eve was the most guilty in the mythical Adam and Eve tale adding more weight to the suppression of women.

It is obvious that gods of these oppressive religions did not have any idea as to how social attitudes would evolve in much of the developed world or have any clue as to what discrimination and equality was. This fact alone suggests that none of these gods existed as wise, all-powerful and knowing gods, therefore logic says they were invented by man and the attributes awarded to the gods reflected the current ancient, superstitious and violent worlds.

I cannot understand why any woman would be part of these old-fashioned bigoted ideas, the violence against women and children, slavery etc. God was involved with and not see through this so-called righteous saviour of mankind, It just highlights the stupidity of the human race to support such a despicable invisible entity, not just the women but the men for believing and enforcing such hideous crap onto the women in this modern age.



If we just take a quick look and briefly analyse the credibility of each of these common Christian claims.

  1. Many Christians are self-righteous, intellectually superior and full of pompous hot air when they crap on about how all the other religions are wrong and evil because they all worship false gods.

This first claim as we all know is all about elitism, a power trip for some and above all just completely ignorant, the same sort of ignorance is taken by many of them against homosexuals, women and scientific evidence.

  1. Many Christians boldly claim atheism is a religion and spout lots of rubbish about how atheists think and act.

This second claim is because they do not believe what is written in the English dictionary, so they screw the meaning around to suit themselves just like they do with the Biblical text they do not like. Some cannot read it properly, but basically, just another ignorant stance taken solely to annoy atheists.

  1. They claim all atheists are going to burn for eternity in hell.

This third claim is of course used to frighten children during the indoctrination process because as every living and dead person on Earth can testify there is no evidence of hell and of course the Christian truth is that there is no “hell” in the Bible! And simply a childish Harry Potter type story that is so far fetched it would be funny if these stupid people were not feeding it to vulnerable children.

  1. The crazy claim Jesus died on the cross to save mankind because we are all born as sinners.

The fourth claim about the crucifixion of an individual called Jesus has been debated since Christianity began and of course many interpretations and screwed ideas about whether this Biblical Jesus existed or not is still a contentious issue. Of course, born as a sinner is a total load of crock and another mind-altering myth to ensure children have a guilt complex. The Bible is claimed as the primary evidence and used as credibility for Christian faith, therefore they are forced to ditch the logic and believe all the other weird stories that have been proven to be total bullshit. Of course, some do not believe all the stories, they are very good at picking and choosing what to believe and have excuses for God’s acts of immorality using words like context, perspective, representation and metaphor.

  1. They are convinced and claim the Bible is the inspired word of Christ.

The fifth is also a highly unbelievable claim. Considering the lack of credibility regarding the writers with the scriptures written many decades after the events happened, why would anyone in their right mind believe these centuries old stories as eyewitness accounts of this crap? Hang on, many of them, especially gullible Americans believe these thieving evangelist bastards on TV are the representatives of God, therefore I guess it is not so unbelievable after all.

  1. Many Christians are claiming science is false and believe the creationist verbal diarrhoea.

The sixth claim is about people who are either brain washed so much they cannot think straight anymore or they are brain dead. These people are more primitive than the flat Earth believers, they rubbish the smartest scientists on Earth using scientifically generated computer technology claiming they have the expertise and knowledge well beyond any scientist or alternatively claim all the scientists are lying conspiracists or God planted fossils in the ground to fool Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and all the scientists.

I can only think of one non-swear word to describe these people, “IDIOTS”


“I was spiritually abused, but not in the church at all, outside of it, by atheism. That probably sounds a bit odd, as if to say “atheists don’t have a religion so they can’t possibly spiritually abuse anyone.” I assure you, they have a “religion” and they can be horrifically abusive, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. I grew up with that abuse and it nearly destroyed me. I really am a, “but for the grace of God” survivor of some intense childhood emotional and spiritual abuse….at the hands of atheists.”

This is just the first part and it gets better or worse depending on your point of view.



Matthew Hopkins, Witch Finder General, fired up the people throughout Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire, with a few in the counties of Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire by getting villagers and townspeople to hire him and his two assistants (for a fee) to search out witches. Hopkins’ witch-finding career began in March 1644 and lasted until his retirement in 1647. He is believed to have been responsible for the deaths of 300 women between the years 1644 and 1646. Hopkins and his partner Stearne sent to the gallows more people than all the other witch-hunters in England of the previous 160 years.

The Malleus Maleficarum, that was called the Hammer of Witches, was written in 1486 by a Catholic clergyman, Heinrich Kramer. First published in the German city of Speyer it gave details of the legal and theological aspects of identifying witches and for 200 years was the second best selling book to the Bible.

The procedures detailed and recommended in the book included torture as an effective way to obtain confessions of being a witch and consequently the death penalty that was to be burnt alive at the stake as they did with heretics during those times. In the same time supernatural ordeals such as possessions by the devil or as we know today medically explained conditions were included in witchcraft trials.

Even though sometime around AD 900 the Church had written the Canon Episcopi forbidding magic and witchcraft saying that they were delusions and these people “had been seduced by the Devil in dreams and visions” this did not help matters and in fact witch hunting was accelerated even more by King James VI of Scotland.

King James VI of Scotland acceded to the English throne in 1603 as James I of England, however he wrote and published a book in Scotland about witchcraft in 1597 and republished it again in England in 1603. This book was called Daemonologie, it carried his beliefs to prove witches existed, the trials to use and the appropriate punishment that was death. Some motivation for the book came when James was appalled after being informed that Satan himself was said to have appeared to the witches and promised to raise a mist and cast James out of his boat into the water and James was intent on finding the witches responsible. (many of these details were referenced from Wikipedia)

The religious influence goes without saying; however this witch hunting example lasting hundreds of years goes a long way in exposing and explaining just how powerful superstitious beliefs can whip up a frenzy and bring out the ugliness and power within a totally devoted Christian community that could be transferred to other Christian communities and other countries considering witch hunting also occurred in early modern Europe and colonial North America about 1450 to 1750. It is estimated 200,000 or more so called witches were tortured, burnt or hanged illegally from 1500 to about 1800 with the last taking place in the 18th century, unless of course you consider African witchcraft accusations against children and adults in this 21st century.

These basic historic and undeniable facts can only make a solid position for non-believers and atheists to conclude that religious superstitions and myths are an indoctrinated state of the mind or consequently a condition of changes within the brain that has been evidenced by neuroscientists, especially when you consider that there are still many Christians who believe in possessions by the devil, even today, and believe they can be cast out with sacramental exorcisms.

It is only a step away from other fanatical beliefs of today by certain Christian groups, such as some claiming they would sacrifice their children’s lives before renouncing their faith in God.

There are multitudes of reasons and excuses used to worship a god and this is not really the main problem, it is the discriminating ideologies and doctrines that sustain these religions and these so-called gods that have manifested superstitious characters of evil and hatred throughout our history up until this present century and the burning of witches is a good example of this hyped up rubbish humanity has to suffer.


Tell me Christian brothers, how do you know that this rising from the dead and living eternally and the forming of man from dust is absolutely true?

Ok you can throw all the Biblical passages at me; however, you only have faith in those passages because you have an overwhelming faith in your Bible, is that not correct?

You may criticise science for making mistakes or lying about certain claims, however science does not claim to know everything. Science welcomes change when current knowledge is tested and retested and new evidence is presented, unlike all religions.

Christians generally will not hesitate to claim the Bible as an exact truth. Their Christian denomination and whatever their Biblical interpretation may be is exactly accurate and perfectly true for them, but this is built and supported on exactly what?

Have there been long time dead people who have resurrected and spent time in heaven and come back to tell us that God and heaven is exactly real? I am not talking about brain induced apparitions from people on surgical operating tables or a misdiagnosis of somebody’s death but some tangible evidence of a person coming back from the grave.

The inventors and writers of all religions including the Bible must take credit for  understanding and manipulating the workings of human minds and the eternalness of another life even if they were mostly scared witless over superstitious beliefs.


“I will give my children’s lives for the freedom of my people,” or “I will sacrifice the lives of my children, so others can live in freedom.” What about I will sacrifice the lives of my children, in the name of my political freedoms,” or “I will sacrifice the lives of my children,” in the name of my God?

These statements definitely have something wrong with them. Immediately most people will understand that the person making such a statement has made a gross error of sacrificing his own children for his own personal ideology.

Let us use the analogy of being in the situation of a terrorist act. You have the choice of denouncing your Christian faith or your lovely children will have their heads removed from their bodies.

Common sense and our natural human emotions indicate that we would all denounce anything we ever believed in to save any life. But no this is not the case when it comes to some religious zealots.

Take this Biblical passage for example:

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26)

I was always thinking surely the Christian apologetics have an excuse for this passage such as atheists have taken it in the wrong context etc. But no, this passage is believed by some Christians to be obeyed without question. In fact, it has been explained as, “To one who truly loves God, his love for his family will appear like hatred in comparison.”

Matthew 6:33: “Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness…”

Matthew 22:35–40: (KJV)“Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

This in my opinion this is similar to Sharia Law ethics where the primary role is in worshipping Allah over and above all else. In fact, these sort of passages in the Bible really do show how much alike the Christian and Islamic religious laws are.

To sum up, any cowardly bastard who sacrifices his children for any reasons of ideology or for any other reason, bar none, can only be classed lower than the filthy murderers who carry out these atrocious acts.

I implore these Christian fanatics who are supporters of this ideologic human sacrificing to take another hard-long look at themselves, the contentious sources of these Biblical passages, the debatable accuracy of the Biblical stories, the 21st century we live in, and the morals of decent human beings.


The idea that someone had to be sacrificed for any reason is abominable, never mind the crazy idea and symbolism of eating human meat and drinking the blood.

The idea that a man died in agony hanging on a cross because you accept that you are a born a sinner and this man’s death thousands of years ago means forgiveness and somehow frees you to worship a god is nothing but a sick and perverted ideology.

The fact that a theoretical god is claimed to be loving everybody and demands we all worship, love him and follow his rules without fail or die for eternity in a pit of fire after our natural death is a gruesome claim in any terms and well beyond the ridiculous.

The atrocities of certain gods worshipped on this planet and the traditional abuse of children’s genitalia, their indoctrination and the general treatment of humans their ideology disagrees with are nothing but criminal acts that defy comprehension.

Reasonable human intelligence says standard logical thinking and natural common sense should be applied to look closely at what this religious madness is all about. How can anyone believe what is totally unbelievable superstitious ancient bullshit? It is simply all in the brain, this is where your gods, angels, wizard’s, fairies, monsters and devils exist.