Australia where I live is a great country, however it is littered with bloody intolerant idiots.

New South Wales relaxed restrictions this week from midnight Sunday 10 and people went crazy, some shops conveniently opened to cash in on the nutters who decided to buy everything like clothes and household goods to swilling beer in a bar and having a haircut a minute after midnight. It was just as wild as the bog paper buying frenzy when the lockdowns first started.

You would be forgiven if you believed these people had been locked up in a war time prison camp for 5 years.

Surely I am not the only one to see the pathetic example of what these mollycoddled wimpish me, me, me anti-community type people have become?

Along with the anti-lock down, anti-mask and anti-vaccine ignorant fools our society is becoming soft baby marshmallows and intolerant of anything that does not conform to their lifestyle and a bit of hardship is against the law or their freedom and human rights rhetoric etc.

I have during my former years used old crumpled newspapers as bog paper, suffered many black outs due to power failures, petrol shortages, telephone cuts, food shortages and even a beer shortage in earlier decades.

I have played rugby League in mud up to my eyes where you could not see the team members faces or their jersey colours. I served in the military where I spent weeks in the freezing cold temperatures and sleeping in wet trenches and during school days we would climb the highest trees, run through the bush and shoot slingshots at each other (really these weapons were called and pronounced “shangeyes” made of rubber with a leather pouch that fired a marble or larger sized stone) and even air rifles that fired lead pellets were used before firearm legalities days, however these are dangerous and I do not recommend this activity.

I have only lived in Aussie for 15 years but the point being is what hardship or adventure do kids and parents have to put up with these days? Everything is handed to them on a silver plate, going without something they always have had seems to be the end of the fucking world for them. Just take away their phone and watch the shit hit the fan.

Don’t get me wrong I am aware of people who suffer floods and fires in this country and are very resilient and brave, however I believe it is a large portion of the city dwellers who have this intolerant attitude.

That’s all from me folks I have to go….I need to buy a massive amount of dunny paper and I need to buy a pair of undies tonight in Kmart just in case they run out.

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