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Why Trump’s political agitators, worshippers, religious extremists, conspiracy merchants, anti-vaxers, anti-science, anti-lockdown, anti-global warming and anti-everything else people are like they are

I have considered indoctrination methods as the most likely candidate for changing a brain as neuroscientists have data especially when it comes to theists of various religions.

Of course, this is only a simple answer for such a complex subject. I came across a YouTube video about how people become stupid. The word does not really define to most of us anything more than a simpleton expression for an idiot, lack of intelligence or a reckless fool etc.

I came across this cartoonish video that defines stupid people far better. A video that explains the events that happened to Dietrich Bonhoeffer a very astute pastor who was likely indoctrinated himself to some degree, but I think must have come to realise that God was lacking in his time of need, but he definitely discovered a few realities in life about humans.  

This I believe can fall into the indoctrination, brain washing or mind manipulation all coming from repetitive teachings, social pressures and group mentality. The illustrious leader the non-president Trump of course has permanent dunning Kruger effect that along with his other psychological problems seems to describe him to a hair.