I find that I just have to again be a critic of George Pell the man who’s whole life was a disgusting lie. I dug around a bit and found he was much more like Donald Trump than the saintliness person of God he and a few others decided he was.

I found it appalling that Melbourne Boys School had paid tribute to him, stating praise for his “strengths in administration.” This flies in the face of his corrupt administrative responsibilities of reporting criminal activity and moving paedophile priests to another part of the country after they had been exposed therefore making Pell also responsible for those new sexual assaults.

Tony Abbott an ex-prime minister called him “a saint of our times an inspiration for the ages” You can guess that he was one of the most useless and despised ex-PM’s we have ever had.  Another ex-prime minister John Howard said Pell “should never have been charged let alone convicted.” A far better ex-PM, however his judgement against the victims here is degrading his name. Of course these right wing PM’s are committed if not extremist in their Christian views, but we all understand how a little bit of science, paedophilia and suicidal victims do not get in the way of their indoctrinated world views.

Pell’s sexual abuse principles and lies were exposed During the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse in Rome when asked “if he knew Gerald Ridsdale’s offending against children was commonly known in the parish.” Pell first responded that he did not know but then added “it is a sad story and it wasn’t of much interest to me.” Pell’s response regarding a complaint from a college student about offending against younger boys at a school, Pell said he could have done more and was asked by the commission. “Wasn’t it a serious matter then.” Pell said “yes but people had a different attitude then, there was no specifics about the activity, how serious it was and the boy wasn’t asking me to do anything, but lamenting and mentioning it.”

Pell had also tried to bribe an abuse victim to protect his own interests and his church’s finances. He callously let children suffer, he destroyed lives, the abused are mentally scared for life and have become alcohol and drug addicted or have committed suicide. Pell’s famous quotes are: “Same sex relationships are a greater health hazard than cigarettes.” and “Abortion was a worse moral failing than child abuse.”

If people are still not convinced of Pell’s crimes they can Google and read final reports on child abuse from the royal commission case study nos. 28 (Ballarat Diocese) and 35 (Melbourne Archdiocese) or go to my main reference

Pell was anti- science and anti-climate change, anti- LBGTQ and believed in the old days but if the Catholic Church lives up to it’s shit house name it will find a way to make Pell a saint. He has however criticised Pope Francis in his writing found after his death so he may be out of luck. If anyone can find anything good that the Catholic religion has actually done that can make up for the thousands of child molesting priests that have driven thousands of children to despair and suicide please let me know?

2 thoughts on “PELL

  1. C’mon Steve: ‘If anyone can find anything good that the Catholic religion has actually done….’

    Not being catholic, but fully aware of certain things, are u close minded to think of ‘anything’ good??

    How about marriage? Faithfulness? Fidelity? Now you throw this out because of perverts everywhere in every stripe of life.

    You would equally toss out mathematics because there are thieves who count others money???

    Surely u must agree your assertion is short sighted.


    1. I do appear to pick on the Catholic Church CS, however I do realise they are not the only guilty party, I do also understand that the Catholic Church is arguably the largest Christian organisation so I have them as a whipping boy via Pell.

      The history of Pope Urban II and the Churches involvement that started 300 years of terrorising Jews and Muslims, cruel acts such as burning witches and recently being involved with money laundering and fraud just as starters does not bode well for this extremely wealthy organisation. Especially when you consider the thousands of lives destroyed since the Church was founded by drugs, alcohol, mental sickness and suicide because the trusted preachers of God molested and raped young children and were protected by the Catholic hierarchy and even Pope Benedict who was accused of covering up and failing to act against 4 priests accused of sexual abuse, therefore my question still stands. How can this so called Holly Catholic Church make up for these horrendous crimes, please let me know?

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