George Pell died with criminal accusations hanging over his head that he was part of and were undeniably factual but what is more he criticised his boss the Pope. Therefore it was decided by many Catholics and others that it was likely to be good riddance of this man.

I do not deny that he was a fully committed man to his flavour of Christianity, however from day one he was always riding a losing horse.

Gladly Australia has decided against a state burial and even if Pell had been innocent of all crimes I cannot understand why he should even be considered for a state funeral when only 20% of Australians are Catholic and Catholicism is an ideology based on bronze age superstitions and embroiled in sexual and financial crimes. A state funeral would have been an abuse to most Australians as over 40% are non believers and the rest believe in other entities, not to mention the terrible long history of this church.   

The Vatican has been and still is embroiled in the same scams and lies that many politicians bask in. The estimations of Vatican assets of billions is various but basically unknown, however since the paedophile exposure and the financial scams have come to light their income has been significantly reduced just as the Catholic faithful numbers and other religions in Europe and in the major Pacific nations.

I would just like to note the opulence of the Vatican and the Catholic churches in general. The flouting of expensive gowns, religious goblets, traditional silverware, intricate paintings and carvings, the silly big hats and expensive luxury furniture in rooms that excrete sumptuousness furnishings and collectively this show of authority aptly demonstrates their massive power over the people. The worshippers who exist mostly in economically challenged countries with huge populations of poor, uneducated and starving people believe the Pope is God’s representative, and this in countries where a huge proportion of the almost 15,000 under 5 years of age children who die every day from starvation and lack of medicines.

How can such a wealthy organisation along with the other prominent Judeo\Christian religions who are of tax free status justify themselves to their God. I know of atheists who put these so called benevolent Christian businesses to shame. It is about time Christians took a step back to take a dose of reality involving historic and scientific facts and shake off the indoctrinated controlled mindsets.      


4 thoughts on “WHEN WILL THEY LEARN

  1. James 4:17. Therefore to him that knowest to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

    This verse and it’s context are written for the sheep. It is obvious the priests and popes ignore their own teachings.

    I don’t recall all the particulars in Pell’s trial, but I remember that I was disgusted with the outcome. They are very well protected by their cabal.

    Like our U. S. laws, theocracy has laws and judgments for different classes. Law givers use such actions as excommunication to protect themselves from critical or opposing speech. Self-preservation is the first consideration. The harsh judgements fall on the weak and helpless, those who the system vows to protect.

    The patriarchs know there is no one above them to call down hell fire and damnnation for their behavior. The meek can’t recognize there is no unseen Almighty benevolent entity to rescue them from the oppressors.

    Thanks for the article from Salon.

    I don’t think there is a case in which cancer has voluntarily exited the human body while it is still intact. Religion has the same tenacity. The physical world, though has hope in medicine. The psychological world has hope in education. When it comes to questioning religion and science, only science and it’s many developing fields offer the practice of protecting fact and truth rather than a system of selfish systems.

    Always choose science. It will necessarily route out the phoney, sooner or later. The church, never.

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    1. Pell covered up so many crimes by his fellow Catholic priests but was eventually cleared of molesting two boys after a short stint in jail. Evidently I have heard that a civil court case for the one remaining victim against Pell is still going ahead. We have had right wingers including an ex Prime Minister heap praise on Pell, in other words the victims can go to hell.


  2. When something is repeated again and again and again … like, for 2,000+ years … the die has been cast. Only those who are strong in mind and posses steadfast resolve are able to break free. The indoctrinated have lost their will to look behind the façade and find it easier and more expedient to simply follow the masses.

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    1. I agree, the indoctrinated paedophilia cycle is very strong, I expect most of those old priests were molested when young, however it is no excuse, and their holy book tells them where and where not to stick their dicks:) and come to think of it that is likely part of the problem.

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