I am of course talking about gun ownership, preventable deaths and injuries. I do not need to say that much as a few pictures can explain in detail far more than words can.   

I cannot exactly remember where or when I saved these and many other pictures of this nature, however there is not a shortage of grown people with this confused mindset. These people have never been shot at and have never seen what a live round can do to a human body apart from movies and if they had they may rethink these happy family snaps.

Like the educational stop smoking advertising of the past that showed cancer patients with grotesque diseases and black lungs from smoking, more real gruesome gunshot wounds and deaths need to be broadcast in full colour countrywide even into schools along with the funerals of shooting victims and the recommended safe gun handling and storing demonstrations. Only in the US of course.


  1. “Out of the respect for the family” … is the tune played for not showing the incredible damage guns can do to the human body. So, IMO, as long as this standard remains, the TRUE danger and damage that accompany guns will continue to be ignored/overlooked since it’s all happening to “someone else.”

    Notice that those who have had loved ones killed or permanently injured by guns are often the ones on the front lines protesting gun ownership. Case in point: Gabby Giffords.

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  2. Steve:
    Are u aware that guns are an important part of the long Olympic history, ( worldwide) and that many many reasonable people of sane minds enjoy that sport?

    Did u ever target shoot- regardless of caliper? Why u associate the .01 percent of lunatics with joe citizen is beyond me.

    It’s like me saying that the atheist monster who shoots pigeons makes all atheists bird killers.

    And your first pic is indicative of clueless gun handling.

    Finger on trigger?
    Pointed in an unsafe direction?

    Hilarious at your myopic depiction. Sorry to say.

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    1. Yes, CS, there are safe and sane folks that own guns. My other-half is one of them. He has quite a collection and enjoys target shooting.

      BUT … there is simply no denying that there are IDIOTS who own guns and have absolutely no business with one in their hands. OR in their CHILDREN’S hands!!!

      I personally do not support a total ban on firearms, but I DO support much more inspection of the people who buy them and what they plan to do with them after the purchase is complete. Also training on how to use a firearm AND what it can do to the human body.

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      1. No prob here.
        But u have to admit the extremes anytime a gun incident occurs-

        And somehow u never hear of the good homeowner who shoots an invader who wanted to rape and kill the children. Fair point of media bias?

        Then there is the knife killer. I heard about it. 4 people sliced to death. The knife is a good tool- butchers use them daily in markets. Barbers use razors, etc.

        But is there a mass protest against knives? No never.

        There are bad people period. A mind set in evil will find the tool if not guns.


        1. Of course there are other dangerous items that can be used as weapons against the human body! But you must admit a firearm tends to do a lot more damage to a GROUP of humans than a knife or a machete or a hammer (or a razor?).

          I admit there’s no getting around the fact that some humans think their lives will be better off if they get rid of other humans. And therein lies the biggest problem.

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          1. ok nan, let’s start with all the politicians across the world…………ALL who have armed bodyguards. They are ready for any threat. You should be prepared for any threat also.

            The amount of firepower in any capacity is not the problem. Heck, the US is sending zillions of arms to Ukraine. Why? So people can protect themselves against threats.

            And it is by the way against the law to kill people in the states. With a pencil, a lamp, or hijacking a school bus and driving off a cliff.

            The conversation is always wrong and ignores mans propensity for evil.


            1. CS in Europe guns are so much more difficult to access than the US they started using trucks and cars to run people over because that was logically the next best method to kill a group of people. Now that bollards and barriers are installed this trend has mostly disappeared, similar reasoning is if you could simply reduce the amount of guns or gun ownership using some effective safety mechanisms the deaths from firearms would reduce.

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              1. Reduce the amount of guns Steve?
                So Putin can walk down the street unopposed? Foreign actors think twice before ransacking a nation.

                True, it’s disgusting when the citizens of said country are the very ones who are despicable.


        2. “And somehow u never hear of the good homeowner who shoots an invader who wanted to rape and kill the children. Fair point of media bias?”

          Sorry CS but media bias is totally wrong in this case. Do you really think the NRA would not expose those stories because it would be the best advertising they could ever get? The fact of the matter CS is that it does not happen anywhere near as much as mass shootings.

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          1. Steve:
            The NRa does not have access nor permission to broadcast daily cases that you speak of. More than you think.

            But I dont like the mass shooting any more than you do. Truth be told, any Home store has just as many ‘deadly weapons’ that can do as much damage as any firearm.

            A nail gun, hammer, chain saw, Glock 19- are tools to be used safely. Anything can be abused, even a plastic straw.

            Not sure why this is so hard to comprehend.


            1. Not sure why this is so hard to comprehend.

              Because you’re comparing apples with oranges. None of the (so-called) weapons you list can accomplish a MASS killing. Guns are the ONLY weapon (outside of bombs and/or military weapons) that can wipe out 100’s of people at one time. End of story.

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              1. Tkx for making my point stronger nan. NONE of the tools mentioned are weapons………….UNTIL used wrongly.

                Take the nail gun. A quick tool for roofers and carpenters for fastening sheeting or wood. A true deal maker for speed.

                Take that same name gun, intended for construction, now put it in the hands of one who wants to create carnage, all of a sudden, this mild mannered man working in a hospital wing project, goes postal because his wife died in the same hospital…………and puts nails through an entire nursing staff—

                no bullets needed. A tool, used improperly, is a weapon. A mass killing in a hospital without a shot being fired.

                Or a freak with a butter knife who slices the throat of a Greyhound bus driver, sending 100 people over a cliff. Mass killings- no shots fired.

                You will never win this argument, but I say ban all butter knives…………..


                1. Perhaps in YOUR mind, I’ll “never win this argument,” but by the same token, I highly doubt your argument will carry much weight among most people. Especially those who have lost loved ones through MASS killings by an individual with a GUN.


            2. None of those things you mention are as devastating or as efficient and at a significant stand off position at killing as many humans as possible like firearms can considering that is what they were designed for. A confirmed nutter would hardly use a nail gun, hammer or chainsaw to murder a classroom of kids if he can easily and legally get hold of an automatic military weapon would he? So why do you not realise the obvious differences between the items you mentioned?

              The NRA are very powerful and rich enough to have news outlets report on anything they want, they can even influence and bribe government officials, so I think even you will recognise that fact.

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      2. Yep, even in heavily regulated countries like NZ and Australia you can still own a gun or guns if you need them for an acceptable reason.


    2. CS, I understand what you mean, we have Olympic shooters who would never pose like this and are responsible people, but this behaviour I have addressed is common among idiots with guns, if for example there was some effective controls on gun ownership such as handling courses, storage of guns etc these kind of pictures would likely be very harder to find. If for example these kids and many millions of kids are not aware of safety procedures because the parents are not aware or do not care it is an accident waiting to happen. You do not give a car to someone who does not know how to drive. Do you know how many kids are killed every year from firearms accidents that could have been avoided?

      And to answer your question I was by far the best shot in my platoon during my service and I continued to do recreational shooting for a number of years afterwards, all above board with the right qualifications and licences etc.

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  3. The first photo surprised me but the family photo shocked me even more. Basically, you won’t let your toddler kids hold/play with a kitchen knife like in the first photo because you’re aware of the unfortunate accidents that can happen. But somehow, all these ignorant people are proudly letting their kids pose with guns like it’s some kind of fishing rod 🤦‍♀️ smh

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