I cannot remember where I got this piece of wisdom but it just highlights how far away from their morals and ethics many Christians are.

A student asked the Rabbi, “Why did God create atheists?”

The great Rabbi replied. “God created atheists to teach us the most important lesson of them all; the lesson of true compassion. You see, when an atheist performs an act of charity, visits someone who is sick, helps someone in need, and cares for the world, he is not doing so because of some religious teaching.

He does not believe that God commanded him to perform this act. In fact, he does not believe in God at all, so his actions are based on his sense of morality. Look at the kindness he bestows on others simply because he feels it to be right. When someone reaches out to you for help, you should never say “I’ll pray that God will help you.” Instead, for that moment, you should become an atheist – imagine there is no God who could help, and say “I will help you.”

Christians note: many people are asking for help in the US, especially those families who are mourning the deaths of loved ones who were slaughtered by mass shootings that are happening almost daily. What is your answer to those people Christian gunners? Your “hopes and prayers” rhetoric just don’t cut it anymore. I understand it is your goddamned right to own guns and nobody is going to take it away, regardless of how many mass shootings and regardless of how many victims, even if they are children.

Action against selling guns to every nutjob, gang member and extremist fighting against democracy, the police, government, immigrants, people who they simply hate, and the LBGTQ people. By installing some sensible restrictions to gun control would truly be an act of morality.

As your God did not dictate the Bill of Rights or Second Amendment what is the problem with helping to make the country safer? It appears with so much undying support and love of owning guns regardless of the evil people using guns for killing innocent people, the gun has become a false god for many US Christians.


  1. When I look back in my life at the few bible thumping Christians I have known, every one of them with one or two exceptions, had one continuous trait. They were mean spirited and arrogant. And this was long before trump and his feeble minded so called christian cult of pathetic gun toting, bible verse spewing, hate filled, psychotic insurrectionist types.

    It’s always been just an excuse to feel superior and in some cases, if led by a crazed leader, kill.

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  2. Religion certainly has been used as a weapon of superiority, however colour, race, gender, wealth, political status and position in society have also been used, often mixed in with religious ideologies. Many of these people will also resort to corruption as they are of the belief they are entitled and untouchable similar to but not so extreme as our orange friend.


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