“Dear Neighbour,”

“Did you know that “foretelling the future accurately” is one of the outstanding feature of the BIBLE? This is true because it’s author Jehovah is a God of prophecy, and he cares about us all individuals, and to cope with present problems we are going through now.”

This is a part of a letter sent to me by post in a stamped envelope that cost $1.10 from the Jehovah’s Witness cultists.

They also quoted a Bible passage and invited me to join in with them to find out life’s big question.

This raises many questions. The first claim “foretelling the future accurately” is stunningly inaccurate, I do not have to go very far to ask what level of accuracy on what specific event are they talking about. There is a lot of gloom, pending doom and “end of days” written about in the Bible and interpreted as coming true in every war and conflict that has taken place throughout history and always will be considered as real by the indoctrinated.

The letter costing $1.10 to preach their ideology to the public through personal letters. This money if used by these tax free status conglomerates should be spent on the poor and the hungry. I am not their neighbour but it was addressed to me as such, therefore how many hundreds or thousands suddenly became neighbours of Jehovah’s Witness and received a personal $1.10 posted letter?

Life’s big question? I know, divine creation, but this is just another blister on their backside. These JW people are not much different from all the other flavours of Christianity who keep pushing the same old rubbish.

I also found out through JW Google that humans are incapable to save our planet from climate change and human destruction therefore only God will save us. You can guess the rest, but the point is JW’s will not lift a finger to help save the planet and will just laze around and wait for God to come to the rescue, again much like the rest of the religious cults.


14 thoughts on ““Dear Neighbour,”

  1. C’mon stevo/
    You pick one of the worst examples of Christianity? JW have long been known as a rogue company, that’s right- Company, selling goods to the gullible.

    They are passionate in their misguided zeal to be sure. The trouble is, not all charlatans are entirely wrong. But true prophets are NEVER wrong. See the difference?

    I’ve always found datesetters and fear mongers boring- it I’ve always found truth tellers attractive.

    Saying God made the heavens and the earth is not a religious statement. It is a matter of fact. Why not focus on what is good and true rather than pick rotten apples….


  2. CS’s comment is typical religious reasoning … I’m right, they’re wrong.

    As for the JW letter … they’re probably reverting to U.S. Mail because their door-to-door efforts got slowed down during COVID. Of course, they may also be changing tactics since the evangelizers were getting too many doors slammed in their face. Or worse.

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    1. Strange then is it not, that grown adults, who have tested every belief under the sun, examined the claims of ‘science,’ psychology, etc etc, and who have witnessed daily lies of govt officials world wide, and who take note of warp speed systems running at the ‘cashless’ society, ( which btw has been perfectly FORETOLD thousands of years ago) have decided as mature and rational beings, that the monarch of books, aka, the Word of God, is the ONLY source material for perfectly demolishing every claim that pretends to know……

      See, that level doesn’t lie. But you would have more decency to just say you do not like what it reveals and says, as opposed to saying it is not true.

      And for Steve and prophecy……only a fool sets dates, but the cashless revolution is coming to a town near you.

      Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Read all about it, and what it entails, and read how many will still mock ( line you today) and refuse the God of creation.

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      1. You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

        Is that the passage you believe was “perfectly FORETOLD” about a cashless society thousands of years ago ?

        You could interpret that to believe that God or anyone writing this was talking about people who were greedy, selfish, lonely, godless, loveless, brainless or stupid etc, etc. However it is assumed by Christians that Christ will make his return and a cashless society is a sign that the tribulation is near. Therefore If we become a cashless society and all transactions become electronic, it will mean that every transaction can be controlled and monitored by the beast. Ha, ha, ha.

        How do you read all that clarity from what is mostly ancient gibberish about anything and everything into Christ’s return and the end of the world when we become a cashless society. There have been hundreds, if not thousands of predictions taken by people from the Biblical word mash about the pending end of the world and they have all been false without even one lightning rod cast at an atheist, so CS tell me why have Christians not learnt from these embarrassments of the past and just read their Bible as it was intended?

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        1. Tkx S/ but no, your reference is not what I had in mind.

          You spoke of ‘prophecy,’ whereas your ‘rich’ thing is merely a principle. But prophecy. That elusive truth that reveals more than u can imagine.

          The interpreting dreams of Daniel. Not only did Daniel sort out the king’s nightmares- he told him what the dreams were- in vivid detail. Yeah, like that happens everyday.

          God’s truths are so much higher than ours. He is never wrong. And when He says something will happen, not only will it- but He gives details.

          The idea of commerce coming to a screeching halt is daily in the news……and the collapse of every world monetary system was foretold long before Musk was in diapers-

          Men make stupid guesses- people with Bible or Koran in hand make idiotic predictions- but God is true, and of course all charlatans are liars.

          I’ll not grace your blog with hundreds of texts from scripture- but look, read, and understand for yourself. The book of Revelation alone shuts mouths as to where man is going like a bullet train.

          Yawn all u want- but scripture is far from boring.


          1. “And when He says something will happen, not only will it- but He gives details.”

            All those that predicted the end of the world were Christians who were as dedicated as you are CS and believed the Holly Book said what they wanted to happen, so what makes any other interpretation correct? I would bet the world is destroyed by man eventually and the disappearance of coin will have nothing to do with it. Please point out what God said for you to believe this because as usual more egg on Christian faces.

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  3. Not all of those who cry out ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the kingdom of God (Matthew 7:21)

    The fascination with the eventual end of the world choreographed by a powerful “Satan-like” figure continues to thrive … Events and personalities are scrutinized using the Bible, the shifting currents of popular culture, and portentous acts of nature in an effort to determine how close we are to John’s so-called divine prophesies described in Revelation.

    John F. Kennedy once said: “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”

    From “Things I Never Learned in Sunday School.”

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      1. Oh I have use for scripture! I use it all the time to show the fallacies enclosed therein to believers like yourself. But of course, it’s difficult to “kick against the pricks” when one refuses to test Faith against Reality.


  4. How true Nan, everything anyone believes should be tested, and if it cannot be tested (talking to yourself and believing it is God is not a test) it is logical to keep an open mind and keep looking just like real scientists do. Archeologists find evidence of historic events, museums and scientific papers have displays and information from decades of investigation and study but this is a part of life’s education that very few theists would want to know about.

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