Humans generally consider themselves different if not superior to all other animals. Primate Mammals include humans and are usually considered by humans as being the most advanced animal on planet Earth, however it is also ultimately recognised by rational people that we are not only the most intelligent but the most failed species when it comes to running the planet and living a peaceful existence. We of course are also the most destructive of all animals on this planet Earth, and I say to those sceptical Christian anti- science people, we humans are biological animals and you had better believe it because you act like one.

Men and women are not the same, I know that women think quite different to men and that is no thanks to any of the many gods the religious people believe created us, or lets be completely ridiculous about this and blame biological evolutionary processes shall we? Physically and mentally we are mostly similar but our core animal instincts are generally quite different. The primitive concept of cave man romance of club victim, then drag her into the cave and you know what… actually lives on in the men’s chromosomes to a certain extent and the nurturing and raising of the young is often a stronger trait ingrained within female chromosomes, just as it is with many animal species.

Men and women are inherently aggressive in regards to the protection of their families, so why do the small minority of men beat their wives, or parents rape and abuse their children like they were still living in the cave and why would anyone kill a newborn baby? A good question, however this anti family behaviour is found naturally throughout the animal kingdom, mostly in mammals and I might add in certain religious scriptures.

Even though we the human species with the so-called most advanced brain have not been able to progress any more than the so-called less advanced animals, or is it that we have not had enough time for these primitive traits to change us through the evolutionary processes? Or was it a non responsible god that gave humans such an advanced brain simply so they could kill and destroy everything, including themselves?

We unfortunately have children born with two heads, missing limbs and disfigurements just as it occurs in other animal species even though it is rarer in western countries due to advancements in medical science. These birth defects are a natural biological occurrence for all mammals, and that includes Christians.

Humans also have same sex relationships but of course again these are more facts borne out through much of the animal kingdom, especially in mammals. What did the particular perfect god think when they created mammals, or did the god just say fuck it, leave it to evolution?

Mammals I discovered are also consistent murderers, the Meerkats evidently lead the way. Animals also react in different ways to situations from their experiences because it is found in many studies that can be found on Google that mammals have the same range of emotions we humans have. Therefore the question remains. As humans are mammals why are the LGBTQ people not considered by certain groups of religious  fanatics as being part of these normal mammal processes as everything else is? My guess is that some particular ancient godly entity has made demands on dedicated followers to address his fuck up during creation by using discrimination and hateful comments against LGBTQ people.

The oddity of everything natural that is part of the non-human mammals is clearly replicated in human mammal land on planet Earth. This literally has been studied and basically understood for over a hundred years and what is indisputable scientific facts and I do not even need to mention the apes that are atheists and theists most obvious relatives.

The distinctive features of mammals such as a vertebrate, fur or hair, female mammary glands, the middle ear, the jaw structure, warm blooded and air breathing, similar heart and lung structures and not excluding of course the same behaviours, the birth defects, the violence, the emotions, same sex orientations, the use of tools and decision making are found in all mammals. I must admit I have lost the hair and erections are rare but I am still a mammal.

We humans with the biggest brain just take these mammal attributes to a different level, for example planet pollution, world wars and mass murders, however many humans also misuse the brain to believe and have faith or confidence in something that has absolutely no evidence, credibility or reality and will also believe some crazy off the wall conspiracy claimed by a political dick head on social media.

The blatant ignorance used by some to refute the reality of life with the rejection of facts and truth is I believe has become a major problem within society. This is a massive human failure indicating these people are absolutely brain dead and unfortunately the slop will be passed on to the next generations.

In this century there is no excuse for such ignorance as we have advanced science and technology and higher educational facilities that most humans can access, unless of course the educational establishment is inspired by fantasy.



4 thoughts on “HUMANS ARE ANIMALS

  1. Hmmm … I see you’re on somewhat of a philosophical bent in this post. 🙂

    There is truth in much of what you’ve written. The thing is … most people don’t stop and consider most of the stuff you mentioned. They just go along their merry way and (as has been amply demonstrated) condemn everyone that isn’t like “them.”

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  2. Thanks for your comment Nan, I realise it is hard reading but I admit that I am not so good at the philosophical stuff but basically along with trying subtlety message the creationists that they are wrong, I also wanted to point out that there are virtually no differences in behaviours between mammals and humans, but humans have messed up the planet for all animals and yet we claim to have the biggest brain and most intelligence, unless of course you come across Trump cultist BS and that claim is debatable.

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  3. I agree with you totally. But I will add, I’m beginning to believe we are seeing an evolutionary split in mental capabilities and the ever so slight lessening of the primitive brain in a a small percent of people. And an increasing, but still small percent, of people unable to decipher between fact and fiction, the growth of some real toxic personality disorders and an increase in mental illness.
    Then the vast majority who, for the most part don’t care and are totally uninvolved in much deep thinking.

    Social media has added much to this as it really becomes hard to decipher the lies and there is apparent no real way to control this. But you have to want to decipher the lies.

    Then another line of thought is maybe evolution has to have the species that brings about great changes, once the earth has settled from its early geological changes. Maybe change, which can definitely mean destruction, is necessary for a vital ever changing planet. Maybe that is our purpose. Once we are gone, there will be millions and perhaps billions of years yet, for all kind of unimaginable things to occur…new flora and fauna adapted to a new world, that will also come and then change once more. We are a small part of a vast cycle and in a bizarre way, needed for the change through destruction…

    I like philosophizing, btw, a lot.

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  4. Thanks for your comment Mary, this evolutionary split you mention has possibly started. In fact neuroscientists have identified brain changes that involve the shrinkage of certain parts of the brain due to many reasons and they also say if you don’t use it you will lose it. Therefore I guess the Trump people will have their brains shrink over time and of course they become even more stupid…. if that is possible:)

    And I agree that the natural process and cycle of this planet may mean we destroy ourselves and as you say another new world of untouched beauty may eventually blossom with wonderful animals and creatures until a human type of animal destroys it again.

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