Ok not quite parallel to the US version but our previous right wing Prime Minister Scott Morrison was very much a Trump lover while he used and abused the Australian political system by undermining democracy for his own ends.

The newly elected Labor government has exposed Morrison’s self appointments to five portfolios in 2020 and 2021 executed in secret so he could over ride any of his ministers decisions and he did not even inform them or any of his government ministers never mind the public who voted him into the Prime Minister position. This is against the principles of the Australian democracy, therefore there is to be a formal inquiry to make sure this does not happen again.

The idea of this post is not to get into the nitty gritty of the Australian politics but to highlight the spill over regarding extreme right wing mentalities. Like Trump, Morrison was often caught out bending the facts beyond exaggeration and his contempt for women’s issues were regularly on display through lack of his leadership. His friendship with the Hillsong Church leader Brian Houston who behaved inappropriately towards two women and images of him waving his arms around at a church meeting soured his credibility with a country estimated at about 40% of “no religion” unlike the US.

This former Prime Minister has soiled the highest office in the land with his Trump inspired leadership and he reinforced his contempt for government during a speech he gave at a church in Western Australia saying he and his fellow worshippers “do not trust in governments” and “don’t trust in the United Nations” but believes God has a plan for him after his election defeat. This drives home his attitude and ignorance regarding the people of Australia who he was supposed to represent.

Let us pray to our spaghetti lord that this never happens again 🙂


    1. I cannot understand the reason why in a transparent democratic system people would need to not trust their government. The government works for the people and unless an overwhelming majority of people are unified in throwing over the government the government will not have any cause to call to arms the military to provide civil order and protection. I agree that all governments have their bad apples and corruption, however as I have pointed out in my post our system does eventually uncover the rot, or lets say the worst of it, if not all.

      A war between Republicans and Democrats in the US is far more likely to happen and has been predicted by some due to one attempt to overturn an election and the generating of so much hate between them. The military may be called out to restore the peace but as most of the country has military type assault weapons it may become very nasty and you will probably wish you were in Australia CS a nice quiet safe country that is so far politically stable with no chance of a civil war.


          1. I say that because it nearly always comes back to (your) religion. If you’re strictly criticizing governments, per se, than I would agree with you … except not so much the “government” as the people that are running it.

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  1. The majority of newly appointed government ministers, senators, secretaries and their aids usually lie like hell, smile and kiss babies to con the voters and just as if a switch has been flicked sometime during their term they can turn into absolute wankers, power dictators, conspiracists, scammers, cheats, manipulators etc, and continue with even more lies. I doubt many can lay straight in bed.


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