I came across this neatly bundled collection of Biblical facts and thought to challenge every Christian worth his weight in faithfulness to put them all in context for us atheists. I expect there will be an excuse for each killing, however when the Christian finds it too hard it is claimed it is God’s right because he is the boss, the creator who is allowed to destroy whatever he likes.

That excuse is very simple is it not, so they can then go on inventing how good their God is, after all Jesus is not like that, Jesus is the good part of God, a third to be exact and the only son who had been created by God to pacify the remaining people that his old man had not murdered in the Old Testament.

What if the two thirds of God or even just God’s one third override good Jesus and again God comes to Earth in place of his passive son and decides to re-enact the Old Testament rules and kills everyone on this list. Everyone will be doomed and that would include most if not all Christians. Relying on just a third part of such an all powerful beast such as Jesus the Democratic socialist who is likely not in control of his Republican theocratic Dad is a bloody risk for all Christians.


11 thoughts on “WHAT IF…….?

  1. These so called Christians are truly stuck. It’s like a mind loop that never breaks away. Their thinking behavior is truly neurologically dysfunctional.

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      1. Yes it seems that they let everyone else (the other sheep) make up the nice stories and then they just run with it because it is so much easier, no brain, no gain and I guess no pain, can I fit “but a big stain” in there somewhere? 🙂

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    1. Yes, very true, why would any normal thinking person admire and worship this sort of monster. Ok it never happened we know there are no gods, but…. indoctrination and rose coloured glasses work well to cover their ignorance.

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  2. I watched some news about the terrible flooding in Ky and people still talking about praying to god…keep praying to god. Even the governor. And I’m sure those who didn’t lose love ones believe god was looking out for them,especially.
    Having never grown up in a religious home or atmosphere, I just can’t understand this mentality.

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    1. I agree Mary, how can God be worshipped and loved for saving one family home and not be responsible for the many that perished. Even those that were almost killed often praise the lord for saving them. Those statements are so illogical and completely stupid. I have to admit we do not hear to much praising of God in Australia after all the fires and floods we have had lately but we sometimes get “we pray those people are safe” etc, etc.

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  3. To me the Bible message is that God is absolutely NOT “good” or “love” towards his enemies. In fact, we’re all of us red-handed, independent-of-God anarchists.

    However, to those that answer his call, “Return to me,” there is an infinity of forgiveness, love and good. Because how can God not love himself: “I will put my spirit in you.”

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    1. Thanks for the comment Arnold, The Old Testament does express the real character of God and it is quite clear that everyone is an enemy from the destruction of all the people in a flood to the killing of babies and animals, nobody escapes his wrath. I ask Christians why would he not do the same again?


      1. You’re welcome. I believe the OT expresses God’s character through the prophets and authors’ eyes and views. And the NT view is Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh. On the cross he took that wrath on himself. He redeemed the world, he removed the enmity between us and God. He reversed the curse.


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