Due too what? You guessed it Christian bigotry.

A Rugby League team in the NRL competition called Manley Sea Eagles had 7 of their first grade players refuse to wear a pride jersey that differed slightly from the normal jersey with the colours of the rainbow on some parts primarily because of religious sensitivities. These players of course will be endowed with tattoos, play sport on holly days such as Sundays and promote their beliefs to a grandstand of people by group praying in the middle of the field after the game and all the while they are wearing a jersey that is sponsoring a gambling company and their home ground is named after a popular craft beer.

If Christians were not so selective on what Biblical issues they choose to enforce the whole lot of them should not be playing a single game. In fact if they are as pro-life as they always claim to be that surely means supporting those people who are outside the womb who may simply has a different sexual orientation to ourselves, especially considering that increased mental health challenges and suicides are prevalent in teenagers and young adults.

How can a bunch of Christian people be against efforts to promote kindness to a group of people, by rejecting this kind of support they have done the opposite, they are basically judging these people as evil and hell bound just as that ugly homophobic ex rugby player Israel Folau who broadcast his hate of these and all non- Christian people on social media.

Many churches have slowly come around to accept the LGBTIQA people because you can only preach love to all people, it is not discriminatory for selective Christians, if it is it becomes hateful and ugly.

And the Christian hierarchy is wondering why the numbers are steadily declining each year, it is clear the younger generations are not fooled by myths.

The ideal Christian utopia

3 thoughts on “WE STILL HAVE HOMOPHOBIA IN 2022

  1. While it is true that ‘some’ Christians are selective on biblical issues….’ it is also true that many of these card carrying protesters are not believers at all.

    It is also true that some atheists are selective in portraying God as a monster killer…… being just as selective. Both are clueless as to the whole.

    But I do tire of hearing the word ‘hate’ steve, any time a person offers a word of dissent.
    But the rugby shirts. It’s simple. Don’t be on the team. Find something else to do.

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    1. With huge salaries and with a diverse crowd of supporters many being of alternative sexual orientation, atheists and many non-discriminating Christians and their salaries depending on these gate payments that will impact on the whole NRL these idiot players should be sacked because they will not leave and find something else to do.

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