Why Trump’s political agitators, worshippers, religious extremists, conspiracy merchants, anti-vaxers, anti-science, anti-lockdown, anti-global warming and anti-everything else people are like they are

I have considered indoctrination methods as the most likely candidate for changing a brain as neuroscientists have data especially when it comes to theists of various religions.

Of course, this is only a simple answer for such a complex subject. I came across a YouTube video about how people become stupid. The word does not really define to most of us anything more than a simpleton expression for an idiot, lack of intelligence or a reckless fool etc.

I came across this cartoonish video that defines stupid people far better. A video that explains the events that happened to Dietrich Bonhoeffer a very astute pastor who was likely indoctrinated himself to some degree, but I think must have come to realise that God was lacking in his time of need, but he definitely discovered a few realities in life about humans.  

This I believe can fall into the indoctrination, brain washing or mind manipulation all coming from repetitive teachings, social pressures and group mentality. The illustrious leader the non-president Trump of course has permanent dunning Kruger effect that along with his other psychological problems seems to describe him to a hair.

38 thoughts on “Why Trump’s political agitators, worshippers, religious extremists, conspiracy merchants, anti-vaxers, anti-science, anti-lockdown, anti-global warming and anti-everything else people are like they are

  1. ‘repetitive teachings, social pressures and group mentality.’

    Let me cite a perfect example of your own indoctrination Steve using your own thinking against.

    The globe. Sitting on the kindergarten desk. Everything you learned about that globe….. everything/ is built on supposition.

    Trump voters, all braid dead doncha know, are somehow smart enough to know the world is a spinning ball. You all of a sudden have an ally Steve!!!!

    Good for you. Your science has made many more disciples. Or, your science had produced more non thinking idiots. See how this works?

    People who reject a moving, spinning, ball of water where they allegedly walk upside down on a basketball line only an ant can do, are NOT indoctrinated the way voters are…. Do NOT tow party lines- and are I afraid to hear the scorn by they who think they cannot trust their senses.

    So be careful who you insult. The world is motionless, does not spin, and motorcycles traveling in opposite directions, are not moving magically backward or foreword but some artificial force.

    Birds nests do not move one inch. Or course unless you have evidence otherwise. But you will search in vain. And you must use convoluted language to explain a theory on PAPER only.

    SO who is indoctrinated using you own description?????

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      1. yeah ok neighbor, whatever you say. Meanwhile, in the world of reality and critical thinking, it is I who have rejected the lying science of ‘globe theory,’ having examined the evidence and common sense, and have dismissed easily what is asked of me:

        To believe that humans can walk upside down on basketballs like ants. And no, you cannot fall off the edge of the world, any more than you can fall off a lake.

        But indoctrination? It began in kindergarden for you nan, not me.

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    1. CS you are clearly not of this world, you are totally out on a limb, you take conspiracies to a whole different level. As a child you have rejected every scientific thing you were taught at school and as an adult you do not give any credit to what must be hundreds of people who have been to space and seen the globe but you do not trust any of them to tell the truth.

      I have no idea, but maybe you can elaborate for me why all these people including thousands of pilots and astronomers would want to lie about the shape of the planet? And please do not quote the Biblical story.

      If any evidence comes to light that I am wrong I will change my mind and literally eat my hat, shirt and shorts for that matter. This is why I am not indoctrinated, you obviously are because you ignore what is absolutely overwhelming evidence. Your belief has no chance of ever becoming a fact but what is a fact is that the Earth is becoming a disaster zone when we have your mindless “anti-climate change” gang carrying on with their up themselves selfish attitudes.

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      1. Steve/
        Your word is ‘indoctrination,’ accepting something like food not digested. Fed something from an infant such as ‘globe theory,’ people accepted this having never thought about it as possibly being hogwash.

        Serious question. Take an Olympic pool. Water is dead level right? Build another pool twice as long. Still dead level right? Build one half mile. Water is dead level right?

        Build it 50 miles. Water is still dead level right? Why? Because water always finds its level. The Suez Canal is 100 Miles long – the water is dead level. No curving bending alleged water –

        Water does not lie. Water does not bend at oceans horizon- Ships fall from the field of vision due to perspective the EXACT way a planes trail overhead appears to go up or down. It does neither. Planes fly TO and AWAY-

        This is easily proven and apparently you have never talked to air pilots who are afraid to tell the truth lest they be called lunatic. Then there is always the mindless politicians or lying ‘scientists’ such as Nye or Tyson who say they have ‘no time’ to explore what I’m saying here.

        No time? I thought true science investigates all claims to prove itself? Sorry Steve, the globe spinning Mand water upside down is fraudulent. Do your own research/ it’s worth a sobriety check.


    2. You know I would suggest that there is abundant evidence out there that we live on a globe, but somehow I don’t think that anything myself or anyone else says could change your mind.

      I am curious though, what’s at the edge of this flat earth we live on? Do you know anyone who has seen it?

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      1. @ lib

        Appreciate your tone. Yes, it was BECAUSE of inquiry that I cannot now be moved as to the place we know as earth.

        Adm Bryd actually did reach the great circumference, that circular barrier of massive ice that he said was impassible. The alleged continent of Antarctica is a political fraud.

        Ever heard of the Antarctica Treaty? Gee, I wonder why the nations of the world have such an interest in this ‘vast wasteland.’

        Water is the great truth teller. Then their are airPLANES. Emphasis on planes. Why???

        But try to prove the fact that the earth being still is in error. The globe will then go by way of the wayside- if you are honest when facing ‘theory’

        And yes, Dems, pubs- libs/ anybody else, are all guilty of accepting today’s cosmology as popular opinion only.

        Takes a s dose of humility that our earth may be perhaps as it appears, with mighty Everest agreeing.


        1. Byrd made an expedition to the South Pole and was successful in getting there. He puts a little dent in your flat earth theory lol. Given that we have some pretty advanced planes you’d think many people would have seen the so called edges by now.
          Yeah I’ve heard of the Antarctic Teeaty. Much of it revolves (pun intended) around managing the continent for scientific research, something you might wish to learn more about 😊 🌎 🌏.


          1. Sorry lib- all points are south from fixed north. A common compass proves this as well as the plane of earth. North is the ONLY fixed position. This is how men circumnavigated our earth.

            Buts Tkx for engaging-


    1. hey mary

      Have YOU personally ever seen the earth move one inch? Or are you happy relying on the hearsay of others???

      Let’s ignore the word FE shall we, and focus on the presumption that 2 motorcyclists travelling through the fjords of Norway, going in opposite directions, are really moving at contradictory directions……………………one with the spin………….and one against the spin……………yeah ok, but in real world in which I live, the earth is motionless…………..just as it appears, and just as it is.

      So go ahead and mock common sense if you dare. But truth be told, the globe theory needs evolution to promote itself, lest it die. Globe theory contributes to the nonsensical insignificance of man, traversing mindlessly through ‘space.’

      Some day you may remember this comment, and say thanks. But the word for the day is indoctrination.


        1. I know mary. Like everyone else, the answer is ignore what the evidence is, and/or insult.

          But answer the question: have YOU ever seen the earth move one inch????????????????????????


          1. CS — you, as a human being (I think) are so tiny and insignificant as you stand on this VERY large planet known as “Earth,” there is absolutely NO WAY you could “see” the earth move.

            Nevertheless, your perspective makes for comedic entertainment.

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            1. Tkx nan, but Tkx to Steve here for a post on indoctrination. Heard that a thousand x- bout the inability to see the earth move-

              Yet hot air balloons prove otherwise- and planes flying in opposite directions with no loss/gain in time or speed. A serious dilemma for ya.

              But more. The earth is neither a planet or a wandering star as you allege. What? Because pool balls dance across a table implies the table moves too?

              Indoctrination is a bitch.

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                1. Yep. Indoctrination comes in many flavors. Ducks are indoctrinated to walk like mother ducks. Whales are indoctrinated to birth whales. But these are purely good indoctrination’s, unlike many who are indoctrinated to think that God made the heavens and the earth…… cannot be true…….

                  Back on point. The fact that you think the earth moves….. means that indoctrination is a strong force. Me, on the other hand, have rejected such a force and rather appreciate the minority, even though unpopular, yet correct in every way.

                  Btw, don’t you just love the way the sun and moon move overhead, on a consistent basis, giving light and heat…..

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          2. No, as my frame of reference is too small, but I think the astronauts, spy satellites, Hubble and Kepler telescopes, the space station and any aliens out there have, but those may be fake too.

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            1. Hilarious. That you need to rely on ‘astronots,’ spy satellites, telescopes……… while you would deny your own brain and common sense.

              Trains on a rail line laugh at a spinning ball. So who is being duped…….

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              1. I think you need to read and study how the knowledge of some very wise men worked out how the Earth and our solar system behaved starting from 470–385 BCE.

                These scientific minded guys were not the corrupt governments of today, nor were they embarrassed pilots or idealogical indoctrinated scientists but often supported by the churches, until of course their findings contradicted the faith.

                It just shows how science works. How one discovery leads to another and eventually the facts are found. Confirmed today of course by physics and rocket power. Denial of expertise and reality to appease God is purely a wish from a severely altered mind.

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                1. Steve/.
                  Where did I mention God in relation to water not bending over distance? You never answered my scientific question;

                  How long/ how many miles/ must a pool of water be….. when the contained water starts to bend. Use my Olympic pool as an example. Build one 500 miles or a thousand. Doesn’t matter. All contained water is level.

                  Water will laugh at the link you provided. There is not one shred of evidence that our earth moves. On paper yes. In explanations yes. But in reality? A thousand times no.

                  By the way, are you an insect that you can cling upside down to your living room ceiling? Man is not to walk upside down around a basketball like an ant. And no, don’t bring that stupid reference that the ‘earth is too big too notice.’

                  Too bad the ancients didn’t have a helicopter which demolished their theories of a spinning ball. A pool table with 15 balls moving around pockets means the table is moving underneath it eh?

                  This is you theory of a moving earth in a nutshell. Your science demands that our very eyes lie to us. So out of this discussion regarding indoctrination, there is only one who is facing the music of reality.

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                  1. CS if you were to put a straight edge on a 500 mile or thousand mile swimming pool you would find a bend as the water is kept on Earth by gravitational pull, just as I am sitting upside down in gravitational pull below you so please do not fart. The gas will of course dissipate as it is light enough to rise into Earths atmosphere.

                    You appear to think face value on everything, such as falling off the planet underneath if it were a globe, however why has the water not cascaded over the side and an aeroplane finding itself in space? If you go East or West at a fixed heading you do not meet a wall of ice do you, and do you think that these aircraft fly in circles and do not know it?

                    There are millions of scientists that can explain why things happen on Earth much better than I can. If you put the same amount of energy on learning scientific realities you could then question what the scientists say with some credibility and provide your own evidence based ideas.


                    1. ‘Put the same amount of learning……’
                      Tkx. Probably spent more time than all the naysayers here combined, so credibility is not an issue. Your same hero scientists swear 1 plus 1 equals 3, so I’m on safe ground.

                      But think honestly about motorcyclists traveling on highway 1 to key West. Over bridges. Over water. In both directions, north and south.

                      You are asking people to suspend belief- and convince them that they are not moving over a stable surface – but moving over a surface that is moving…..while moving over a surface that is spinning…… while the fish below are also moving at 100ph, with the piers in the water somehow able to remain stable whole they are actually moving……..

                      And it is me who believes in science fiction. Do you people ever really think what you are asked to believe holding to globe theory?

                      The earth dies not move. Plain and simple. Just ad it appears. Btw, the Suez Canal as noted, as well as any rail road line, laughs at a spinning g balk.


                    2. You are asking people to suspend belief … I would say that works both ways.

                      IMO, your biggest problem CS is you think way, way too small. But if it makes you feel superior to all those highly trained/studied/experienced scientists (and astronauts), then I suppose I shouldn’t try to push you off the edge of your flat earth. 😅

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                    3. Tkx nan for the comedy.

                      It’s not enough that Hilary climbed Everest @ 29k feet, but he did it while the earth was spinning. !!!!! Wow. He’s even more skillful.

                      Then there was the Empire State Building. The engineers must have been dunces not knowing that the building would be spinning through space…….

                      Or, it is simply as it appears. Still. Unmoving. You are working waaay too hard to justify lying science.

                      Not one person alive has seen the earth spin an inch. Not one. ZERO evidence. Yet, with ALL the evidence at hand, you dismiss scripture. Truly backwoods thinking.

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                  2. The earth goes around the sun travelling at 66,000 miles per hour

                    The Sun is moving around the local neighbourhood at 43,000 miles per hour

                    The local neighbourhood is orbiting around the galaxy at 483,000 miles per hour

                    The galaxy is moving through space (relative to the CMB) at 1.3 million miles per hour

                    So if you stood still, the earth would fly away from you at around 1.35 million miles per hour.

                    In 1 second, the earth would move 375 miles.

                    Why can’t we see the earth spinning?

                    For the same reason that you can’t see the minute hand on a wrist watch move. It is too slow (but only barely so) for human perception.

                    Take a ride on a Merry-Go-Round. You can sense that it is spinning. But slow it back a factor of 60, and your body won’t sense that.

                    A scientist sees evidence of the rotation when he looks at the rotation of clouds around a high or low pressure system. Hurricanes spin counter-clockwise because of the spin of the Earth. You can “see” the spinning of the Earth by watching the stars rotate around a point close to the North Star.

                    I have just plagiarized a few web sites to get these facts. Take your time CS but type in “why can we not see the Earth spin” to Google and knock yourself out with the massive amounts of information. Have fun 🙂


                    1. I apologize Steve for taking your post to a place you did not intend. Just wanted to focus on ‘indoctrination.’ On the up side, I got you some customers who chimed in. lol

                      Tks fir your last comment though. I’ve seen all the theories. On paper. Period. Love the merry go round analogy- proves the point that spinning things make you dizzy-

                      But go ahead and believe that the bridges of the FL keys are moving- that K2 is whirling- and that the Burj Kalifa was built on a foundation that moves. What sane engineer would dare to take up such nonsense?

                      -best regards, some day you may thank me for a minority view that is correct. The earth does not move.


                2. Steve, it’s more than obvious his vision is tainted by religious beliefs and as with all believers, he’s simply unable to move outside his circle of knowledge.

                  “As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.”Albert Einstein

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                  1. Come on. I think he is just having fun with us seeing how outlandish he can be and how we react. I’ve actually had some good laughs from Colorstorm’s answers. I have really never seen anything like it. Wish I knew what kind of drugs he takes.

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    2. Yes Mary, Nan is right. I never thought in a million years that I would meet a flat Earther but CS turned up some time ago. He is an interesting blogger and really highlights the extreme difference of opinions and the indoctrinated ideologies that take over human minds, even though with much of his stuff he is in a very small and dying minority.


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