A report from “The New Daily” online publication in Australia

6:15am, Sep 4, 2021

Jamila Yaghi, who was in her 30s and had not been vaccinated, passed away at her southwest Sydney home and leaves behind four children and extended family.

“Corona is real,” said Maysa Haoucher.

“Most of the people that I know that didn’t believe in it, now do due to the passing of Jamila.”

This kind of comment in Australia is dumb, it makes absolutely no sense at all, it is beyond any sensibility.

I am very sorry this young woman had to die, and I am sorry because it took her death to make people she knew change their zombie like minds. Why are these people still so wilfully ignorant after all this time with over 4 million deaths and the many related permanent health effects around the world being highlighted every single day since the Covid-19 virus hit the planet.

Seriously, do these people live in a shoe box and have never looked outside?

When in any time in history have people been so fucking stupidly ignorant when the evidence is so much in your face?

This ignorance highlights the remarkable stubbornness of these people, I am not aiming to be harsh, rude, racist, abusive or discriminative, but I know no other way to force these idiots to get their heads out of the shit bucket.

What hidden force drives what I assume should be normally intelligent people to believe Fox News and fanatical god driven preachers over eminent scientists and qualified experts in their field and what drives people to take up the most ridiculous conspiracies and fake news that most thinking people can easily understand as unadulterated crap?????


13 thoughts on “A report from “The New Daily” online publication in Australia

  1. Sorry I can’t answer your question. I’m sure it’s on the minds of of a great many sociologists and those in similar fields. It’s similar to the mentality of the terrorist who stabbed six people in a supermarket yesterday here in NZ.

    To some extent the blame lies with the algorithms that social media use to feed information to their subscribers. The more you show a preference to one topic, the more you are fed related material. I’ve experimented with this by using different accounts on the same social media platforms and concentrating some topics on one account and concentrating a different set topics on another. Very quickly what you are feed is skewed towards those topics that appear to be your interests. My understanding is that these platforms are altering their algorithms to limit the amount of potential harm, which is good, but of course that then brings up the question of the possibility that these platforms could be used to manipulate “proper thought”, 1984 style.

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    1. Very true Barry, the influential in our society are often deemed as human gods and the BS they spew sticks like mud to the empty minded.


  2. Great post. I wish I knew the answer as I think about it everyday. I don’t remember it being like this back before say 2000, so it must have something to do with social media, 24 hour news shows, a rise in fanatical religion(think Texas), and education that doesn’t teach critical thinking anymore or ethics. Also add in too many people, therefore more unhappy people looking for confirmation of their wacky beliefs and now, they can find them easily, so they feel empowered and correct.
    Sad to say, this is only going to get worse.

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    1. Yes Mary, the media and the influential in society have a lot to answer for. Problem is we have to many lawful human rights in legislations to cut them down.

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  3. Why are the GOP and Christian nationalists trying to kill off their members?
    Why are their members so anxious to die?

    How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and [how] hard it is to undo that work again!
    Mark Twain

    From daises and pulpits, charismatics in politics and religion recognize the credulity of those who follow them and seek their leadership. A steady diet of national aggrievement and the hint of losing white privilege instills a sense of paranoia and outright fear that only their leader can fix. I’m reminded of the potter and the clay. Ignorance is a virtue. Critical thought is never a worry to the perpetrators of lies and deception.

    This is just one facet of the problem I see here in America.

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    1. Yep the white privilege is supported by certain churches and some politicians often not obvious but has underlying consequences. As these brain washed people are not aware of what critical thought involves, I am sure the rest of us are capable of this and we will I hope win through in the end.


  4. I know this will surprise you but, it might help explain such ignorant and irresponsible behaviour. So, get this.
    Apparently there are some, otherwise reasonably intelligent people who believe that a 2000 year old Jewish bloke got himself crucified by the Romans and then came back to life three days later and flew of into the sky never to be seen or heard of again.
    I kid you not!
    Weird, right?

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    1. So true Ark, if people can invent that mind numbing stuff they will believe anything that sounds like BS. Weird and……I just do not want to get started on that 🙂

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    I think it’s oft referred to as mass brain-washing –and replacing the sane and sensible parts with dangly neurons that don’t know how to connect to each other.


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