Marvin Osaghae, pastor at the Christ Embassy Church in Blacktown, delivering a sermon last night.

This man held an illegal church service for 60 people.

“In the name of Jesus, we refuse every lockdown in our cities, in the name of Jesus go ahead and pray, we declare the lockdowns are over, in the name of Jesus, lockdowns are over, in the cities of NSW, in the name of Jesus, we declare the lockdowns are over.”

This man is I assume acting for what Jesus wants him to do even with the chance of infecting many people with the virus that will cause sickness and death.

There are plenty of sensible Christians who would rightly condemn this preacher and his congregation. So who really is talking to God and carrying out his wishes here?

Is it the preacher who is apathetic towards the danger to humans simply following the genocidal traits of the Old Testament God who guides his life or the Christians who follow the more sedate Jesus part of God who guides their lives?

God like in so many other issues is either disinterested or is playing one Christian group against another. Of course one group may of disobeyed God and the other side will claim they are not real Christians. Whatever the issue they will always find a passage in the Bible to justify their actions whether they are ethical actions or not.

Atheists know through the overwhelming evidential facts over hundreds of years that God did not talk to any Christians, this obviously leads to the reality of life and support of the neuroscientific results that God exists for a theist’s own personal preferences within their emotionally charged indoctrinated brains.

The Christ Embassy is a Christian megachurch founded by Chris Oyakhilome, also known as “Pastor Chris”. Its headquarters are in Lagos, Nigeria.

Does that not speak of a scam anyway, is this the one millionth new church created? I will not harp on about the obvious sheep like congregations but I do hope this pastor has some balls to offer an apology to the NSW people and the government.

What would you bet? it’s a no brainer I reckon.


  1. Religion is the most dangerous thing man ever invented, yet it’s been around since man started walking upright.
    The question I have, is why is it still with us, so fervently? Is there a long range evolutionary purpose to people believing and enhancing fantasy? To divide and conquer and kill in order to keep the population in reasonable numbers, is the only thing I can think of.

    Politics, environmental destruction and land grabbing in the old days does it too, but religion is usually behind these as well.
    So basically it’s a check and balance…that check might be overdo.

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    1. Acceptance of gods has snowballed since caveman days when they had supernatural answers for everything. Fortunately the snowball is melting slowly but there will always be those who will hang on screaming until the end. As you say a kind of evolutionary process.

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  2. I think the NSW Government should ask the Pastor for his passport because if there’s a huge spike in Covid illnesses/deaths I’d hate for him to hop a plane over to Mother Church to hide out and be reassigned when he should be answering questions about who gave him the right to overturn the law and would he like to sit in prison and wait for JC to come and offer an explanation if that’s who he says allowed him.. At some point, these Pastors, who are not the law must be made answerable for breaking the law and for putting others at risk,It should have happened to the Evangelists in the US already.

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    1. I agree David, but unfortunately I think he will appear in court, given a large fine that will be paid by donation dollars and then he will be booted out of the country. How can these idiots that went to this mans sermon think he was anything but a scammer who would cost them thousands of dollars in fines?


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