Emotional assumptions are beliefs are always without facts and evidence to support them and this is what I have noticed particularly from committed and staunch Christian writers, commentators and bloggers regarding not just their faith but their political understanding as well.  

The assumptions are driven firstly by the belief that Trump would somehow be doing God’s work to turn the tide of atheism and make the US a Christian nation as it was a hundreds of years ago before modern science when the nation was born from immigrants while the world was condoning slavery.

At the very least the followers expected Trump to outlaw abortion and bring in legislation regarding religious freedoms that basically is thought to save Christianity and give Christians the power to enforce their ability to reject anything and anyone that did not comply with their religious and political ideals.

This is a short sighted expectation by Christians, this would start a backlash mostly from non-Christians and a whole raft of discriminating issues would surface on both sides and again driving a larger wedge than there is already between communities, therefore going back a short time in history when similar kinds of divisive attitudes were an excuse for racist expressionism and the formation of radical groups. This time around this power play could actually soil Christian values even more and boost atheism.

Other expectations involve Trumps endorsement of guns that I find quite logical for these people when you consider the majority of them including their leader do not bat an eye when the Covid-9 death tally rises past 300,000 plus so they are hardly going to care about a few school shootings and over 15,000 gun deaths including suicides with guns in 2019.

Christians are emotionally attached to God, therefore faith can only be indoctrinated through the encouragement of emotional states of mind that then produce assumptions they call faith that their god is real. These emotions naturally intertwine nicely with the politically radical right wing apologetics claiming that Trump was ordained as US President by the Christian God and any negativity toward him is against Gods will and fake news supposedly of the devils making and they conveniently ignore their Christian values and simply ignore actual facts.

These Christians are not surprising when some of them march in the streets with their guns with or along side racially motivated gangs that can only lower Christian reputation and morality. Of course the left wing political gangs have also been formed and both sides of these radical political idealists need to be urgently addressed.

Will these Christian Trump supporters take the vaccination? As many still worship everything from Trumps lying mouth his government and extreme right wing news outlets including the rampant conspiracies regarding the vaccination is not safe or the virus is a hoax and a scheme to control the population. Therefore I doubt many will vaccinate as we must also consider that through natural Christian doctrine they are mostly anti-science anyway.      


  1. Christianity and white supremacy have been a coalition since the birth of our republic. The church validates slavery. That is not something they quit after 1865.

    The church does more to discredit Christianity than anything or anyone else. I don’t think this applies to all Christians nor to all Republicans, but the body in both cases follows the leadership, and the leadership has spent what little credibility it had left on Trump.

    Capitalism and the church dislike democracy and the constraints of the constitution. Any despot they can raise up to keep their agenda will be their savior. Those states that made up the confederacy declared the right to keep slaves the cause leaving the union.

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  2. Agree, makes you wonder what morals Christians support these days. They are disgustingly politically motivated to the point of fanatical in their support of the most disgusting President in American history and condoned by most of the churches


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