I have constantly come across those people who have no idea of world events and who are not even interested in finding the facts before spouting what they have heard from a random source.

In the last case it was a couple of half drunken women who were told by someone that Trump had built an economy before the virus that was the greatest in US history.

It is simply amazing that when you do the homework and explain the actual facts, people either drunk or sober will not believe a word you say and continue to preach the same diatribe that they always like to hear?

These people represent a huge chunk of Australia and I should imagine a larger chunk in overseas countries, especially in the US. They are like Trump in the way that they will stick with the lie or fake news so that they will not lose face and back down, or is it they like the rubbish so much it suits their political ideals and becomes reality to them? Of course they may just continue with the BS because it is the most recent trend started by Trump, not withstanding that these women are also fanatically supporting the orange pussy grabbing egocentric.

I note in our Queensland elections flyers that come to the letterbox the opposition party has created massively high figures for crime increases such as 130%. The BS is catching on fast in Australia but of course if you know a police woman like I do and you check out the police web page you know the rates did peak a little but are now only slightly more than in 2001.

If anyone were to believe Trump’s bragging claims such as he built the greatest ever US economy prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

Reality Check verdict: It’s true the economy was doing well prior to the pandemic – continuing a trend which began during the Obama administration – but there have been periods when it was much stronger. 

The full story with the courtesy of the BBC.

6 thoughts on “TRUMP’S BS ECONOMY

  1. I also cannot stand these reality TV shows where people are enticed to become emotional and get upset and blubber all over the screen. The politics are much the same show with most of it being blather along with some blubber.

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  2. Here in Melbourne, we had some idiots [a couple of handfuls only] protesting about how Dan Andrews’ lockdown hadn’t worked. Of course the media jumped on the opportunity to show ‘discontent’, but the whole thing backfired when the footage showed they weren’t even waving Australian flags.

    There will always be crazies, but most Victorians are proud of what we’ve accomplished against Covid. 🙂


    1. Yes I remember that Morrison and his henchmen got stuck into Andrews about the virus numbers. They soon bit their lips when he turned it around in record time. Way to go Victoria.

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      1. -grin- thank you! most of us #IStandWithDan down here. Anastasia has done well by you guys as well. I think we’ve proved why decentralised power /works/. 🙂


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