This is the age of the spoilt privileged intolerant brats

The conspiracist merchants, the anti whatever protesters, the racists, the Trumpests, the 5G nuts and the range of anti social idealists along with the religious crazies, the anti-science anti-vaccination preachers and the left and right political nut jobs have found whatever excuse they can manufacture from this coronavirus disaster to rebel against whatever they subjectively do not like and they will blindly support what always works out to be an issue causing conflict and social disorder and during a pandemic that is totally stupid. These collective idiots I will refer to as the “brats”

In this case government lock downs, social distancing, wearing masks and restricted gatherings and movement are the catalyst for the demonstrations regarding anything the brats do not like, a reason for left and right radical groups of brats to form into gangs disregarding any relevant evidence or facts to collectively bring mayhem to the streets to destroy and burn property, enjoy their lawlessness, commit violence if desired and even kill people to make their point.  

Of course these coronavirus restrictions were imposed by governments with the sole intention of saving the lives of humans and brats. The saving of lives being the duty of governments and the single most important and ethical code of humans within democratic countries with educated and benevolent societies.  

So today coronavirus kills plenty of old people, that is an indisputable fact but it seems to be a non-issue and has been claimed by brats that they would soon die anyway and it is not really a concern compared to the economic issues and their freedom. The fact that younger people can suffer permanent heart and lung damage that may shorten their lives has also been totally ignored by these brain dead brats.

Take a hike back in time just as far as the second world war and take in the contrast. The people in the many cities in Europe of both sides who were regularly bombed by the enemy air-forces for years were subjected to extreme hardships that most of us will never know such as destruction of their properties, death and starvation, food rationing, sickness and hours in underground shelters without electricity or water. These people became resilient and brave, they did the best they could under the circumstances, they cared about each other and helped each other regardless of their personal beliefs.

Today’s spoilt brats have spat the dummy, they are a new breed of intolerant uncompassionate people who dislike any amount of hardship and need to blame somebody else for everything, they have no reality, no integrity and no hope from lapping up indoctrinated conspiracies, the last people you would trust or want to watch your back.

Granted if you think that I have lumped in a lot of people as brats who between them are often on opposite sides of ideologies but they are of the same “who gives a Fuck about anyone else” kind of mentality within times of an obviously serious pandemic. I never thought it possible that people could become so disconnected from humanity and become such dangerous brats.

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