download.pngThese are some parts from a post on a site called Revival & Reformation run by a person called Paul who I believe is a fanatical Christian woman. She writes:

“Halloween…Will You Be Celebrating?”

“What has happened to society when your next door neighbor can hang fake bodies and goblins from their porch by a hangman’s noose and think it’s fun?”

“Since when do we find gore, violence and murder fun?”

 “This is the deception and  true danger of Halloween. It desensitizes a people to accept violence as a general way of thinking and acting. It keeps the cross-hairs off of anyone in particular, but allows Joe Average to commit acts of violence against no one in particular, and allows him to sink into a place of horror and ugliness that he would normally be averse to even think about.”

“This is the time where we, as Christians must make a statement and shut this holiday out from our lives. Turn off the lights, lock the doors and do everything we can not to participate in its evil. There’s nothing we can do, save standing on the corner and shouting out the Gospel and the world’s need for repentance, to make this day good. And I can guarantee, there will be few or none doing that on such an evil day as this.”

“Unless you regard this day as an opportunity to evangelize, then stay inside, do not open the doors to the knocks and hope and pray that you and your family are spared the evil.”

I have never thought much about kids having scary fun for one night of the year and my daughter was never into it, however when you come across such righteous kind of people who cannot think beyond the box they are shackled in you just have to say something.

This crap is ripe coming from Christian people who indoctrinate children with evil talking snakes, Satan, the devil, evil angels, heaven and hell not to mention the walking dead, the genocide, slavery and especially the hanging of humans from crosses with nails through their hands and feet.

What could be more gruesome and mind bending than biblical stories taught as facts to young children?

I answered her post in a very civil manner explaining a few facts such as:

It is in the context, it is interpreted and perceived by the individual in various ways, either as a abhorrent event or in a fun way if you want to go to the extremes, it is just like different people interpret the Bible to suit their own beliefs, this happens in all aspects of life.

You obviously live your life with supernatural beliefs, and it is all quite real for you, however children live in a world of make believe and many love scary stories and fairground rides into the haunted house, so it makes sense that many children will embrace what they see as a fun time, not as a gruesome reality and not as a message to hang people or commit murderous crimes.

You will never understand human dynamics as long as you reject ordinary people who do not believe in your version of God or support your political and social ideals; therefore you will never be at peace with much of your community or your one and only precious life.

You may think you can turn that comment around; however my life is not intellectually and emotionally imprisoned by bronze age ideologies and ancient gods that happen to only exist within a theists brain.

As usual for this site my comment never saw the light of day, I recon this poor woman must be so insecure in her faith she dare not be challenged.


10 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN EVIL

  1. Personally, I wish in your response you had included what you wrote in this post about the evilness that runs throughout the bible. There’s absolutely no denying that it’s there … it’s all in how you look at it.

    And I would also have included the question you asked: What could be more gruesome and mind bending than biblical stories taught as facts to young children?

    These hard-core believers rarely respond, but that’s OK. The seed was planted.

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    1. Yes Nan, I could have got into more detail about the evil Bible, however my posts are less complicated purposely so that the theists will understand my point and I also understand they will automatically believe there was nothing wrong with the 2,821,364 number of people in the Bible who were killed by God. Even the few deaths mentioned by CS attributed to Satan and Job are shared with God, but of course his absolute innocence and love exists only in the eye of the ignorant beholders.

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  2. Forget Halloween Steve/ the real scary thing is WHY Cain murdered his brother.

    Thinking about the ramifications should cause all hearts to skip a beat/ it’s rather sober, and no, please don’t blame God.

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    1. Sorry CS your story is about Cain not Job as mentioned to Nan, regardless your jealousy story is one of the stories highlighting one of man’s failings and identifying that Gods creation is far from perfect, but of course it is all part of the human invention for an ideological existence.


      1. Not sure what your issue is with scripture other than the goofy Halloween attachments that have nothing to do with the beef.

        Speaking of your fictitious interests though, write a post on YOUR personal observations of a rotating/ spinning ball. Don’t rely on hearsay- just observable facts- and I’ll be happy to challenge your assertions at every turn.


  3. Christians have been fighting Halloween for as long as I can remember and I am 84 years old and they have had absolutely no effect on Halloween yet. I think they need to find something else to bitch and complain about because it is apparent nobody is listening to their Halloween crap.

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